Amanda Ray

Amanda Ray


Amanda Ray is a singer, songwriter and musician who produced her 1st album, "Mirrored Images." Mixing electronic ambient sounds and jazzy vocals revealing her obvious influences of Bjork & Sade. Her music is melancholy & optimistic, and it’s this dichotomy of depth that makes it so intoxicating.


Amanda Ray is a songwriter, vocalist and musician perpetually on the move. From the airy tone of her early EP release to the deep and sexy voice and altern-rock sound she created between the years, Amanda’s restless creativity continually leads her and her listeners into ever more exciting territory.

With influences ranging from Sade to Massive Attack, Ray’s esoteric stirrings are no surprise. However, finding a singer/ songwriter of this genre smack dab in the middle of America’s dirty south is futureshock at its finest.
Born in New York City, Ray grew up listening to Prince, Phyllis Hyman and her moms Diana Ross albums. At the age of 15 she began writing songs and studying song writing styles of artists such as Prince, which she still models after today.

After relocating to Atlanta, she later began pursing a Music Industry degree at Georgia State University, which is where she developed an appreciation for groups like Bjork, Lamb and Roni Size. Later she embarked on a daring, sojourn to London, England - home of the alternative sound she craved. Now she has come full circle and returned to New York City to complete some already pre-produced songs as well as new ones with producers, Charlie Nieland and Barbara Morrison of Super Buddha Productions.

With burgeoning keyboard and guitar skills, Ray served as co- producer on her previous project, which sold hundreds of copies, and was played on the NBC Today Show. After learning her way around the recording studio, she gradually developed her own innovative means to express her true self by producing the majority of her first album, “Mirrored Images”. With both the EP and the Album, Amanda Ray has created a truly unique sound that brings a mesmerizing experience.


Mirrored Images

Written By: Amanda Ray

as I wait for the sun to free me
the clouds give way to the sea
and the waves formed a pattern unfamiliar to me
then the focus of a smile wavered beneath my memory

with every image that forms
another fades from me
first my eyes, now I feel your soul
my body’s cold, but my mind is running fast
to the last hour of my memory
I can see him in me

Now I’m seated in the confines of his mind
curtains raise and the play begins to write
begins to write my life
I see him in me
thru my tears I see him
I see him, see him like a bird

Hang On

Written By: Amanda Ray

In my hands I hold your grip
Weak as my promises
In my arms I feel your strength
Holding on to me

Hang on to your world
Hang on to your world

You looked out the window
See me standing there

Hang to your world
Hang to your world

In my hands I hold your strength
Hanging on to me
In my mouth I taste your fears
Bold with intensity

Repeat Chorus


Written By: Amanda Ray

you can cloud my view
resurrect my fears of you
you can try to break me

you’re not stronger
you’re not stronger

clever was your disguise
shape shifting thru my life
your illusions dissipated
my fate is what I make it
I remember you now
your emotions were strong

look who’s stronger now
Look who’s stronger

thru my world you will pass
leaving behind bloody scars

these walls were not made of stone
you’re not born, you’re grown

(repeat verse 1)

just when I think you’re gone,
you reappear
but I’ve come too far to give you
one single tear


New album, "Mirrored Images" is now available for download on iTunes. And the CD can be ordered on

Tracks can be heard on Rutgers WRSU, GA State WRAS, GA Tech, and Priceton University WPRB radio stations. Online radio

Amanda Ray's first project, "What's On Your Mind" the EP sold hundreds of copies and was aired on the NBC Today Show as well as several college stations.

Set List

Set time is typically 40-45 minutes. And will consist of songs, Chicken, Mirrored Images, Body of Gold, Stronger, Ripple Junction and Must Be Love.