amanda sena

amanda sena

 Chicago, Illinois, USA
BandPopAdult Contemporary

shows are amazing and high energy... the vocals are what catch you and the songs keep you listening! great live energy too! amandasena 708-426-6659


Chicago has been the easiest place to find Amanda and her unique adult-alternative music with a blend of pop, rock, country, indie and soul. She and her band play shows in and around Chicago all the time. In fact, Amanda is lucky enough to have some of the most talented Chicagoan musicians in her band- Brian Chinino (the donkey kong playing the drums), Jorge Flores (the true minority of the group, hailing the full name “Jorge Alejandro Flores Sandoval Hernandez”- can you imagine what that was like in kindergarten?) and Jason Planera (the guy with the tattoos and mohawk on stage right).

The band has played in and around the Midwest, including but not limited to, the Midwest Acoustic Music Festival, Double Door, The Melody Inn, Elbo Room, The (late) Tweeter Center opening for big names like Alanis Morissette, Barenaked Ladies and Jessica Simpson to name a few, The Rave opening for Lifehouse and many Universities, Festivals, Bars and Coffeeshops along the way.

This band has compiled and recorded 4 albums by now and they’re, yet again, working on another. Imagine, since these guys have teamed up, they have attained 4 degrees, survived three big moves, and gained 2 new members of their lives (Brian’s new cats). Any other relationship may have failed by now, but these guys are in love- in love with music. If you come to a show you’ll see how ridiculously talented, entertaining and friendly this band is. Don’t believe me, just look around. They’re going places.


learn to love

Written By: amanda sena

learn to love

why am i so afraid of all the things that i don’t know?
and why can’t i take my tender heart and just let it go, go?
if i wrote you a letter would you read it and then know what i mean?
if i wrote you a song could i sing it to you when you’re asleep?

and i don’t know why i hold
why i hold on
but i can hope that i’ll learn
that i’ll learn to love
that i’ll learn to love

they say it all does happen for a reason- that’s what i tend to believe
but it’s hard to stay on track when life keeps pushing me back
and i want to give up on everything
so i wrote myself a poem and it said just how i felt
and i read it to myself at the end
then i wrote myself a song, the same poem with “la, la, la”
so i can sing it again and again

and i don’t know why i push and why i pull away
and i don’t know why i run when my heart says stay
but maybe sometime one day i’ll know what it means
that’s when i’ll learn about love, that’s when i’ll learn about you
that’s when i’ll learn about you and me

© 2007 unitystar productions


Written By: amanda sena


can’t say i’m not sad to see you go
i don’t know why i feel this way
i know if the stars above don’t shine that soon,
they’ll shine again someday

they say that God, he always knows
why things turn out the way they do
and if i could have an answer:
why did it have to be you?

can’t say i’m not mad i missed the goodbye
please know i did try
but i’m sure i could have tried a little harder

through all these years you kept in mind
everything happening on my side
you always told me i had a good dad
i thank you for that

oh, i know
you’re doing better where you are
oh, i know
you’re finally something you’ve wanted to be for so long
waiting upstairs until we all come home

can’t say it won’t be hard without you near
none of us know where to go from here
i’m sure that’ll change in years to come
but none of us know how to move on

they say that time will ease the pain
i wouldn’t know, it’s only been a few days
did you hear that song at your grave,
when i sang Amazing Grace?

you’ve missed them, you held on
you held strong strong now you’re with them
your battle’s over, your party’s begun
save me a dance
save me a dance

© 2007 unitystar productions

sad, sad

Written By: amanda sena

sad, sad

i don’t want to know that feeling when i’m being held in your arms
because it’s a sad, sad feeling being the only one in love

you used to tell me that
i would be the one to break this, be the one to blame
we were perfect, this was meant to be
and i would be the one to mess things up because you would never leave

and when the rain came down that night
and you told me not to fight
that i would be safe in your arms

you used to play for me the songs that you said, said everything
and when those songs they wouldn’t say how you’d feel
you’d pull me oh, so close and tell me this was real

and when the snow began to sing
and your life got too crazy for me
you tried so hard to say you’re fine

you tried so hard for me that honesty meant everything
but your arms, they’re not for me
finally i opened my eyes and I saw what I didn’t want to see

© 2007 unitystar22 productions


2008- amanda sena, e.p.

2007- "learn to love"

2006- "...only makes me stronger"

2002- "all that i am"

Set List

full band shows average 1 hour-3 hours*
*can also add solo/stripped segment


sad, sad
learn to love
breathe easy
best kept secret
who said
jealous girl
not tonight
your amazing
tell her i love her
i just can't pretend
hurt me now
don't say
always mine
'til january
i meant to
heart so on fire
last letter i sent
what it's like to cry
chicago rain
spare me
not ready


mercy, mercy me
before he cheats
leaving on a jet plane
not an addict
stand by me
best of you
wicked game
because the night
all for you
billie jean
the climb
hear you me
always be
i'll be
love story