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I currently do not have any kind of official CD's or singles released. I'm in the process right now and hopefully I should have my CD completed by the end of April 09



I've been playing music ever since I was in the 2nd grade. I started with piano, working my way up to trombone in the 6th grade. I played trombone until I graduated, and I didn't have any success playing it in college. I couldn't stand just dropping music out of my life, so that's when I picked up guitar. I started to play everyday, sometimes for hours on end. I learned chords and songs by other bands, which helped me work on new chords and quicker chord changes. Soon thereafter I started writing my own music. I've dealt with a lot my first year of college, from friendships to distance from home to school stress to depression. I took my experiences and them into song. As time went on, I started listening closely to bands that I liked and how they wrote their music. I'm influenced really by anything I hear. I'm influenced by John Butler, and at the same time I'm influenced by T.I. Eventually, I started sharing my music with friends on myspace. There, people told me that they could relate to the songs that I had written, and I couldn't be happier. I want to make music that people will listen to and think about. I want people to be influenced by my music. I want to change lives with my music. I want to change the world.