Amanda Williams

Amanda Williams

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Amanda maintains that she is country, despite the fact that her music may incorporate elements of rock, pop, bluegrass or even rap. Amanda's voice drips with the smooth and spicy flavor of Appalachia honey. She harkens to another era when women could cook, sew and chop wood


Song writer, performer & music business professional, Amanda Williams, graduate of Berklee College of Music, has had songs recored by Garth Brooks, George Jones, Tyler Dickerson, Alecia Nugent & others. Amanda founded her own enhanced music publishing company in 2010 with her father, Kim Williams called Hillbilly Culture to provide education & mentoring to aspiring songwriters.


Children in the Garden

Written By: Amanda Williams

Children in the Garden
Amanda Williams
After the darkness comes the light that's how the story goes
We got only one turn around this wheel and then nobody knows
And the preacher can't tell me Mama can't help me
And the devil don't even care
I'm learning my lessons trying to get to heaven
And I hope to see you there

We are children in the garden
We are waking to the dream
We are traveling on life's circle
And we are one with everything

Old man on the TV tells me that God speaks through him
If I send my prayers and my money he'll put a good word in
Now Jesus can you save me will you come claim me
And guide my weary soul
The world is a mess and the earth's in distress
I'm just trying to get back home

Repeat Chorus

When I walk through the shadow
My heart will feel no fear
Because I know at the end of my journey
I will find my saviour is there

After the darkness comes the light that's how the story goes
We got only one turn around this wheel and then nobody knows

© 2003 Sony / ATV Cross Keys Publishing / Triple Cross Music / Hollohart Music (ASCAP)

Little Red Hen

Written By: Alissa Moreno, Amanda Williams

Little Red Hen

Alissa Moreno
Amanda Williams

Who's gonna help me plant my seed?
I need a strong back
The dirt is rocky and it's full of weeds
It's hard to dig that
No one to help me make it grow
It doesn't matter now my seeds are sown

I'm the little red hen
Gonna work alone
Uh oh I'll show you
Just how it goes
I'm the little red hen
Gonna be the one
Uh oh you'll know it
When my work is done

Who's gonna help me reap my wheat?
On such a hot day
Big apple pie gonna taste so sweet
Earned it the hard way
No one to help me carry this load
Don't bother now cause I'm halfway home

Repeat Chorus

Who's gonna help me make my bread?
Fire up the oven
If you were thinking bout the days ahead
You'd come a running
That sweet smell is gonna fill the air
You're gonna wish that you had a share

Look what one little hen can do
Ain't gonna rest till the job is through

Love's Been Looking

Written By: Amy Benton, Amanda Williams

Love's Been Looking for Me

Amy Benton
Amanda Williams
It was there that night at the county fair
On the Ferris Wheel waiting but I was too scared
And it was two cars back at the drive in show
I must've walked right past didn't even know

Love's been looking for me
Love's gonna find me yet
Love is always gonna have it's way you bet
When I fall behind or get way ahead
Love's been looking for me
Love's been looking for me

Once it called my name where I could barely hear
And before I was sure it had disappeared
Thought I saw it once gazing in his eye
But it was wishful thinking in a cruel disguise
Repeat Chorus

I've been restless as a child, running till the road dead ends
I'm going home, I'll leave the window open and love, you can climb right in

Amy Benton Music (ASCAP)
Bessbie Music (SESAC)

Muse (aka That's Just Your Way)

Written By: Gerald O'Brien, Amanda Williams


Gerald O'Brien
Amanda Williams

Deep in a crowd isolated I found
A compadre
We were two clouds floating over the town
In the subway

And we were like old friends catching up over coffee
You had in sight the things that are right in front of me

You are my Muse
You are the sunshine through the rain
You are the night time & the day
And you are the One
Who lights the Sun up with its rays
Who makes the colors out of gray
That's just you
That's just your way

When I'm alone and you call on the phone
I feel happy
Flying through space you come into my place
And you grab me

Your voice cuts through the noise and the clutter in my head
I can count on you to put words to my feelings unspoken

copyright 2008 Hillbilly Cache (SESAC) Gerald O'Brien Music Publishing/ Red Cape Music obo Ole Media Management

Right at the Wrong Time

Written By: Christyana Perez, Amanda Williams

Right at the Wrong Time

Christyana Perez
Amanda Williams

Feels like I'm always two steps behind
Playing catch up with this heart of mine
It falls in love, I'm still making up my mind
Am I gonna follow, I don't know I can't decide

I was just thinking that I'm finally happy alone
Last thing I need is for you to come along

It happened right at the wrong time
Love came knocking trying to change my life
I don't mean to criticize
But I've been derailed enough to know, I ought to just let you go
Ain't no way to deny
It happened right at the wrong time

If I had met you a few years ago
Wouldn't have been strong enough to let you go
Boy it's hard for me cause I want you so
But I gotta be true to me too, you've got to know

I was just thinking that I can stand on my own
I can't start leaning on you, no no no

Repeat Chorus


Asstastic pop-techno & acoustic singles Aug. 2011
Little Red Hen - album release 2011
Children in the Garden - single release 2011
Tell Your Sister I'm Single - recorded by Tyler Dickerson 2010
I'm Not Hungover - recorded by Braden Gray 2010
Wrecking the Train - recorded by Alecia Nugent on Hillbilly Goddess 2009
Close Enough For Me - recorded by Timothy Craig 2008
Groupie Love Song - recorded by Timothy Craig 2008
The Man She Wanted You To Be - recorded by Todd O'Neil 2008
We Couldn't Tell - recorded by Lonesome River Band 2008
Beer Run - recorded by Garth Brooks & George Jones 2002

Set List

Carry Me Away
Walking Stick
After Tonight
If I Had a Boat (Lyle Lovett)
39 States
Love Holiday
Children in the Garden
King of the Road (Roger Miller)
Just Need a Man
Move You (if piano available)

Have 4 - 45 min acoustic sets - solo
Have 90 min. band set