Amando Julio Risueño

Amando Julio Risueño


Tango and milongas interpretation.


Tango guitarist and singer, I interpret music of Rio de La Plata to invite audiences on a journey into Argentinian and Uruguay cultures. Playing classical tango themes, I also likes to revive less known tango, milonga, vals and candombe songs.

Born in Buenos Aires, I studied at the National Music Conservatoy "Carlos Lopez Buchardo". Besides the classic guitar, I also studied jazz-guitar, and Tango music at the Academia Nacional del Tango with Anibal Arias. I am currently teaching music in collaboration with the Buenos Aires government education department.

During my career as a tango musician, I have played in the prestigious Academia Porteña del Lunfardo, the Academia Nacional del Tango, and Esquina Osvaldo Pugliese. In 2007, I joined the "Duo Vacs-Ochoa" in New Zealand. We performed at the internationally recognised Christchurch Arts Festival and organized tango music and dancing workshops in music schools and art faculties. In 2008 I Released my solo Cd "Amando Tangos" in Argentina and Uruguay. "Tangos Rysueños" is a new production recording in 2010, and released my solo Cd in France, Spain and Canada, performing in tango soirees and milongas.