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Amaree was born and bred in London, West London to be precise which is a very lively, cosmopolitan and ethnically diverse area. From young age Amaree was exposed to many different cultures and musical influences. It was an environment where she had to be streetwise, but this also made her a very down to earth person, able to relate to most people. Her early years as a child were spent surrounded by music and musicians, as in her grandparents home (where she and her mother lived) there was a fully equipped music room where her uncles, and cousins rehearsed with their band.
In her early adult life Amaree xperimented with various musical styles, but began to find her musical identity when she became the lead vocalist for a group from West London, called West Row. They played rock with
a very funky edge and Amarees soulful gritty vocals complemented the sound perfectly. Amaree loved jamming with the band after rehearsals and before gigs, as that was the only chance she had to vibe freely with a full live band, this helped Amaree to create the basis to her musical style.

The band went on to achieve a fair amount of success. Touring constantly, they got a real cult following and went on to large venues including Glastonbury. After a couple of years the group disbanded, and went their separate ways. Amaree had gained some great live experience, and still has close ties with some of the other band members, many of whom have achieved great things within the industry with bands like Groove Armada.

For a while after "The Band" Amaree had a frustrating time, experiencing a series of unsuitable managers, before she decided to take control of things herself. She was listening to musicians like Tracy Chapman, Lenny Kravitz, Alanis Morrisette and Skunk Anansie, all of whom in their own way and for different qualities have been of a massive influence, and helped to further develop her own writing skills.

She has been writing for many other bands and artists in London whilst developing her own body of work, that means an abundance of fantastic songs to call on as her solo career begins to really take off. She has been co-writing with many top songwriters such as Kenny Yeomans, Eddie Martin, Ben Barson and Deborah FFrench, whom have all achieved major international success.

Some of these collaborations have recently brought her to Germany, and over the last 6 months has seen her regularly working in Germany. Although the Offers of publishing deals and a career as a songwriter are appealing, it is as a songwriting artist in her own right that Amaree feels her destiny lies. Whilst working in Germany, Amaree Dee had a stroke of luck when she found German based producer Franz Plaza. Amaree had finally found a producer she really clicked with, she found Franz possessed years of experience and approached the productions from a musicians perspective, he didn't think in categories, or try to box Amaree Dee's style. This is a quality she had long been in search of in a producer. Without a direct discussion Amaree Dee and Franz Plaza agreed that the songs would reflect Amaree Dee's influences, primarily Soul, Rock and Pop.

During the collaboration on Amaree Dee's debut album at Home Studios, Franz Plaza showed his musical skill time and time again and he in return was impressed by the uniqueness of Amaree Dee's voice,
"a mixture of Millie Jackson, Janis Joplin and Skin from Skunk and Anasie" (some people say)

Amaree Dee's distinctiveness lies in the fact that in our present time, where emotiveness and coolness apparently don't mix, she makes just this happen - instinctively and of a matter of course! With her sensual-pure, powerful voice and honest stories, which are always encouraging, she addresses our longings, unassuming, and by no means embarrassing, but nevertheless in such an intimate way, it is impossible for us to not be captivated.

Amarees music is a combination of all the different styles of music she grew up with and has been influenced by. Her mother is a massive reggae and soul fan, whose favourite artists were Gladys Knight, Millie Jackson and Shirley Brown, she always had these sounds on the turntable. Her mum also liked Rod Stewart, and his gravely voice was often heard around the house. As she grew up she discovered other forms of music through her friends at school and college, Amaree remembers bands such as the Eurythmics whom she loved as a youngster. So her music is a fusion of many different elements, an amalgamation of her personality, environment and influences, all of which leave you with the very unique, and original sound that is Amaree.