We love to mix Dance with Rock, Hip Hop with folk, Tecno with Italo, but at the end for us is what we call WRONG POP


Amari is a band formed in 1996, after a an odd idea of Dariella and Pasta.
They were curious to see what could happen if weird mutations were applied on hip hop music. With nothing but a sampler and tons of teen-aged spleen, these guys started a long trip made of concerts and music tapes: and it worked.

In 1999 they released the split project “Il contigente” together with the band “21”: a pure naughtily hip-hop debut. After this first experience, the high-flyer guys included in the band two new members:a bass player, Cero, and a dj, H.C. Rebel. That's how they started to play together a mix of hip-hop, electronics and rock, in a psychedelic and dark mood: the result is the album "Corporali”, published in 2000 by Riotmaker Records, which is actually their label.

Another big step for the band was taken in 2000 as well, when they won Arezzo Wave Competition, one of the most important selections of independent music in Italy, after that the official label of the Festival decided to let them record an EP, "Guida Verde". With this, the band was invited to play in Groningen (Holland) at the Eurosonic Festival.

One year later, Amari carried on their work with “Apotheke”, a mix of pop music and catchy melodies, according on their experimental side. Other two members joined the band: Marcopiano (guitars) and Carletto Baracus (drums) and Amari’s gigs turned from rap to indie-rock.

Amari's music got back to hip-hop in 2003, a return marked by the album “Gamera”, that gained a great feedback both from press and audience, which allowed the band to play all over Italy.

Two years later, in 2005, Amari released their most ambitious album: “Grand Master Mogol”, a perfect combination of pop melodies and experimental sounds. Dance, pop, hip-hop, indie rock: this record involves all these elements, which perfectly match in their songs. Three song were extracted from this album to become videos, which are still in rotation in the main TV networks: this success named Amari as band of the year and made them conquer a large slice of public. After this the band spent another two years touring, writing a new album, in their van and during the lonely nights spent in hotel rooms.

Infact 2007 is the year of “Scimmie d’Amore”, distributed in all the country (and also in iTunes) by Warner Music Italy; the band loves to define this their “black album”. The black cover and Love are the Leitmotiv of this record, which embodies their growth as musicians. The first single is “Le gite fuori porta”, introduced by a videoclip by the Bonsai Ninja Collective, which features some of Amari’s friends: Frankie Hi-Nrg, Syria, Crookers. The song was also published in a 7” japan version by Escalator Records with as the Herr Styler remix as a b-side (Valerie blog vavourites).
In the meanwhile their tour goes on, but the guys are once again on the set to shoot their second clip, “30 anni che non ci vediamo” directed by DanXzen and sponsored by Emerica (their wear sponsor): a stop motion video, fulfilled with color drips and nightlight games.

In Spring 2008 Amari started a side project, Amari Night members Club: basically, they're spending their spare time remixing other bands' songs (like Settlefish, Disco Drive, Mendetz, My Awesome Mixtape, The Tough Alliance, Thieves Like Us, Grand National) and playing dj sets in the best clubs of Italy; This project gained a lot of agreements on international music blogs.

After more gigs, a Spanish tour with Kitsune’s The Whip, some festival with Crookers, SantoGold, and some Myspace and Facebook parties, the band decided to retire in a new hideout in the far east alps.

There during about a year, they wrote and recorded their 7th album, Poweri, mastered at The Exchange in London and published this 2009 autumn, of course produced by Riotmaker and distributed by Warner and on iTunes worldwide, this time the band pushed forward itself merging new and old loves like post rock, disco, hip hop and 90’s rock guitars and writing half of the lyrics in English. The album had great reviews and exposition on major magazines like Rolling Stone Magazine and XL and the band is again on tour, while working on some videos for the songs!


Your Kisses

Written By: Amari

Your kisses taste like future. My first kiss tasted like sigarette, then my second tasted like chinese food, and I clearly remember like was yesterday that the third did taste like junk food eaten on the way. Your Kisses! Then came that kiss mixing beer with something and the one that I swear wasn’t alcoholic, when I was sure I’ve tried it all, you just came to me with this flavour i couldn’t ignore. Your kisses taste like future. No one knows, no one knows, some say that love was only made for love songs, sounds too good, sounds too good to hide it like some lovers do.

New people in town

Written By: Amari

Who’s brave, my friends or me? They are leaving while I stay here, when I dream they try to escape from my dream temple, now, who’s brave? Is it my lost cause, is it your freedom, I’ve heard you’re searching for love, is it your freedom, another lost cause, I’ve heard you’re searching for love. New People in town that’s what I’ve found, new people in town, new people in my town, new people in your town. There’s no love in the woods, no love in those streets, nor in the people that you’ll meet, neither in your new outfit.


Your Kisses (Single) (RM032)


Scimmie d'Amore (RM023)

Le Gite Fuori Porta (Single)

Grand Master Mogol (RM018)