Amarillo Junction

Amarillo Junction

 Bethany, Oklahoma, USA

Rockin' original country music with an Oklahoma kick....


We Are Amarillo Junction

The 'Amarillo Junction' is where I-40 intersects I-44 near the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds in West Central Oklahoma City. This path is the intersection point that gives highway access from Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA, following the path of Old Route 66. The members of the band came together in OKC from different birthplaces, states, backgrounds, and upbringings, so it was the perfect name for this band that signifies the unity of its members.

In only a few months of getting together, the band was booking shows all over OKC and surrounding areas. After a few member lineup and musical direction changes, the band finally came together is taking the genre and industry by storm. With all members contributing to the writing process, they have created new, original material available to develop and record for the masses.

With upbeat rockin' tunes, to bluesy, honky-tonk styles, and to alternative ballads, the band has created their own form of "country meets rock" that has positioned themselves quite uniquely in the local music scene, and have been similarly compared mainstream bands and artists while keeping that rockin' country style that is all their own.

Their original song 'Texarkana' world premiered and released to radio in 2015 and has had substantial airplay throughout the US, Canada, and the UK. Their debut album single called "That Could Be Us" is due for release in October 2017 and complete album following in December 2017, was engineered and recorded at 50 Rock Studios in Bethany, OK and Bell Labs, in Norman, OK, and is produced by Grammy-winning Producer Trent Bell and published by Terranova Entertainment Group, LLC.

The band is currently booking acoustic and electric events all over Oklahoma and beyond. They have a full-night's set list with a mix of originals and fun, danceable covers, and they can keep any audience entertained for hours. They love what they do, and want to share it with you!