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"Interview with Amarily-Latin Pop Songstress"

Her songs are sexy and flirty, not much different than herself. Amarily is destined to be the next big thing in Latin Pop. But don't let the soft voice fool you.

Amarily proves herself to be an independent woman, as well as an independent recording artist. It was a pleasure chatting with someone who has such a drive to connect with her fans.

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Specializing in authentic, sexually charged electro-dance-pop, Amarily originally comes from the Dominican Republic but now calls Boston home. Promoting herself with recent singles such as “Take This Kiss” and “Mucho Dolares”, Amarily hopes to cater to the highly competitive mainstream club/radio pop scene with her very well-produced tracks and upcoming music video, which was produced in the Dominican Republic and should be out now. After overcoming some personal hardship, Amarily is reinvigorated and ready to focus on her music career. I had a chance to discuss her thoughts recently on the music industry, her inspirations, and what we can expect to hear from this exciting artist in 2012.

What made you want to be a singer?

I feel free when I sing. I can express myself in my music and be heard.

Please tell us about your upcoming music video that you recently shot in the Dominican.

Since this was my first video it was very exciting, especially be in my country. The crew and director were great so it made everything easy for me. Most importantly I began seeing my dream of becoming a singer come closer to reality.

Can we expect a full-length album release or EP in 2012?

Yes. I am currently working on a full length album which should be available in July. We released three songs separately that initially were going to be an EP. However since the genres were all different for the three songs, Pop, Latin Pop and Hot AC we felt the best course would be to release them as singles.

Who in music today inspires you the most and why?

Celine Dion. She sets a standard as an artist who truly dedicated her life to singing. When you think of Celine Dion you only think of music. That is her focus.

What excites you the most about dance, club and pop music?

The energy you feel when you hear the music. When you hear it and it is good it takes hold of you and makes you want to do something. Dance, move your head or something.

Do you feel that your background gives you a unique musical perspective?

Since I lost my mother at a young age, music was my friend and companion. When I was lonely music was there. When I was sad music cheered me up. Music made be laugh, dance and celebrate.

Are there any trends in music today that you’d like to change?

I would like to change how music is sold. I like the old way of selling CD’s and albums. I think people are more connected to your music and you as an artist if they buy your CD. Nowadays with downloads they can download your music today and discard it tomorrow. There is no commitment.

How has the internet helped or hurt your music career?

The internet helps because you can get exposure and you do not have to rely on getting a major label deal to be heard. You also can reach a global audience with the same level of marketing it takes to reach a local audience.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with SKOPE and your fans?

Support, Support, Support. Independent artists need your support. If you like my music or other artist music download their song or buy their CD. I want to connect with my fans and the only way I know I am giving them what they want is when they buy the music. - Skope Magazine

"Busca Ser Nueva Cara Del Pop"

Con una propuesta al estilo pop en dos idiomas, la cantante Amarily viene desde los Estados Unidos con el fin de dar a conocer su talento artístico a todos sus coterráneos.

“Soy dominicana y lo que quiero es representar mi país y mi ciudad a nivel internacional. Quiero hacer música de alta calidad para todo el mundo y que mi tierra se sienta orgullosa de mí”, expresó la joven intérprete radicada en la ciudad de Boston.

Amarily trae a la consideración del público tres cortes promocionales que llevan por título “Muchos Dólares”, “Take this kiss” y “Blue Tears”, los cuales son una probadita de su próximo disco, que está casi listo. Con aproximadamente un año en el ámbito musical profesional, la cantautora nacida en ciudad de Cotuí, se lanza a la conquista del mercado local con sus canciones escritas en ingles y español, bajo el sello disquero Dre McCray Records y los arreglos de Nelly Protools. La nóvel artista femenina planea prolongar su gira promocional por un mes en Santo Domingo, realizando presentaciones con todo su equipo de bailarines y su Dj, para luego hacer el lanzamiento de su álbum completo en el mes de julio próximo con 12 extraordinarios temas (seis en español y seis en ingles) en los que aparecen colaboraciones con Mr Manyao, El H2 y Don Emil, según explicó Amarily.

La joven cantante espera apoderarse de los corazones de todo el público amante de la música pop con su producción discográfica, que se ha realizado inspirada en la vida actual.

“Crecí oyendo música pop y estoy convencida de que puedo impactar a las personas con este estilo que es el que mejor me representa artísticamente”, aseguró esta dominicana que aunque radica en Estados Unidos dice amar su tierra más que todo.
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Mucho Dolares LP 2012 (12 songs)


Mucho Dolares

De Ti

Are We Good

We In the Club



Amarily just completed her debut album, Mucho Dolares and is now performing with some of the biggest names in the Dominican Republic. She is getting radio play in DR and on the internet. Her video for her single, Mucho Dolares is being played on the largest network in DR, Telemicro, with reach in 80 countries including the US.

She is poised to help fill the void in the Latin Pop genre for the 500 million people in Latin America.

Amarily was born in the Dominican Republic city of Cotui. She lost her mom at the age of 4 and was raised by several different relatives. At an early age Amarily decided she wanted to be a singer but never had an opportunity to pursue her dream until she moved to Boston MA.

She self taught herself to speak English and now is a dynamic bilingual singer/songwriter. Her songs are a reflection of the electric spirit within her and translate to some of the most invigorating dance music on the scene. With a vocal range that captivates, her talent is undeniable.

As she positions herself to rise to the top of this very competitive industry she remains committed and dedicated to perfecting her craft.