Amarith is a metal band by definition but the band's influences come from all genres of music. Combining crushing guitars and guttural growls with catchy melodies and vocal hooks.


Since 2005 Amarith has been honing their skills as song writers and a live band. Playing all over the GTA with bands like Means, Moneen, Hail The Villian, Shotgun Rules, Arise and Ruin, Savannah, and others. But, it has not been with out set backs. During the recording process of the bands first EP, guitarist and vocalist Spencer Davis, left the band to pursue other musical ventures. The band was left with out a voice and a brother. Paul Cho would enter to take his place and play with the band for the next year and record guitar on the bands first full length record "The Evolution Process". However, the bands run with Paul was somewhat short lived. Due to some personal issues Paul also decided it was time he left the band. As difficult as another departure would be, this turn of events opened the door for the return of Spencer Davis, just in time to record vocals for "The Evolution Process". Now, with a new record out and ready to go, the band is ready to take things to the next level, take on new challenges, and truly evolve.


Twsit The Knife

Written By: D.Gardner

There is a war in my head
and it is in your name
cursh those who stand in they`re way
ignite eternal flame

No one will come in the darkness
your fate is sealed
There is no escaping
The End is here

Chest breathing in
hope leaves again
so this is how it ends?
Lay in disgrace

I walk along these streets
Once filled with hope and promise
now they are laid with loss
Of the ones that i once trusted

No one will come in the darkness
your fate is sealed

No one will see the slaughter they leave
no one will see casue its kept on the inside
No one will see the slaughter
They`ll set the fires and cast us a side

Twsit the Knife in me
These days we
shut our eyes


The Evolution Process-2008

..To Ashes from "Amarith" is played on 97.5 fm "The Wolf" Fredricton NB

Songs from both albums available at:

Set List

30-45 min

*new song*
Six Seconds
Twist The Knife
The Kill
One Last Hero
The Price of Honor