A Mark Amongst Sounds

A Mark Amongst Sounds

BandAlternativeNew Age

One guy, 100% live with no backing tracks and no pre-recordings making making the sounds of a 5 piece band.


A Mark Amongst Sounds put simply, is one guy, no pre-recorded samples, no backing tracks and is 100% live and solo. Inspired by the likes of Tool, Cog, That 1 Guy and Battles, A Mark Amongst Sounds is a jaw dropping show. Leaving crowds stunned on what sounds one person can make live infront of them. Close your eyes and hear a band, open them and you'll be amazed you only see one guy.


Demo EP. Writings on a Wall of Ideas

Set List

1. What has Transpired to be
2. A Conversation with ones self
3. The Questioned Appreciation
4. RFT
5. 8 years
6. Re-arrange the strange
7. Save our selfs