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Make A Move Tour 2007- Press Release

Press Release co-written by:
Andria Alexander, Sr. Publicist
AMarriage Entertainment, LLC


Kylen S. Barron
Director,Public Relations
AMarriage Entertainment, LLC
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215-543-6512- Tour Info.
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January 22, 2007

Philadelphia, PA—AMarriage Entertainment, LLC, Heat Rock Management, Ent.; I’m N’Ya’Face Productions and Mum Management, Inc. have all joined forces to present the hottest unsigned artist tour of the New Year titled “Make A Move™” beginning March/April 2007.
The concept is simple: Make it hot, and Make the people Move! This is exactly what the 2007 “Make a Move™ Tour” promises to do. Hosted by AMarriage Entertainment’s Jaret “Smoke” Barron, and the “Make a Move™ Tour” organization have worked hard to make this a legendary tour. This tour promises to be one of many intriguing tours of this year introducing some of the most phenomenal unsigned artists in the country.

Having already earned local success, these artists will now look to excite the country with their musical talent. The country will experience seven (7) of the most talented artists in the Hip-Hop and R&B genres, which will hype up the audience and heat up the stage starting the Spring off right with one of the hottest shows in the country. These artists will also introduce a new dance craze for 2007 that will get the crowd on their feet and following along, with this new dance titled “Pivot, Hit, Turn™”!

This tour will feature Butch and Brasco of AMarriage Entertainment, Ivelice “Evie” Quezada, Tex, and Kraft the Legacy from Nitrojenn Records, Sunn and 3Ten of Mum Management, featuring Baby Girl Idriss and Ishmael of I’m N’Ya’Face Productions. This 10-city tour taking off in March, is sure to get things crunked up and down the east coast, and mid-west. Look for brand new hits from each artist included on the “Make A Move©” compilation CD.

The theme song titled “Make a Move©” will be performed by all of the artists involved on this tour. This tour promises to be awesome from the gate to finish, featuring an awesome group of talented, unsigned artists. Get ready for an explosion on stage America with the 2007 “Make A Move™ Tour”!

The tour will be in the following states: (tour dates and venues will be added to our website). Please continue check our sites for tour updates.

• Philadelphia
• Maryland
• Washington, D.C.
• Virginia
• North Carolina
• South Carolina
• Florida
• Atlanta
• Chicago
• Detroit



Til the Wheels Fall Off

Written By: Jordyn Dorsey-aka- Butch

Til the Wheels Fall Off©
Lyrics by Butch
Beats by Blackwell
AMarriage Entertainment, LLC

Verse one

I’m a grinder who be, straight up outta phi
Wit a bunch of riders on my side
We snatchin this rap shhh, wit gorilla tactics
Follow us as we throw our chrystal bottles up
An parlay wit da modelers, fresh to death
Mint be da sent of breath, girls checkin my style I got’em goin wild
Pockets full of benjies
How I know they know envy
When they see me drop something they way quicker cop
Like will his doe stop not never
I got my game together, groupies on my dick
Pockets all thick, more weed twist like African thesis
Three hits, I’m leanin
100 blunts steamin major cyphers
I’m doin what I like to ridin wit da bikers
20-30 deep as we bogard da streets


we ride, ride until da wheels fall off

verse two

come correct, ain’t easily impressed
Unless yaw show me some stats or some doe stacks
It’s bout a dollar, if it isn’t I wouldn’t holla
not to play my nigg, but it’s da game an change is everything
an shhh takes balls an brains to never fall
an no flaws I flause, or you can catch da smoke from the exaust
yop groupie get lost, I’m bout a buck smutt
can’t f…, so don’t get amped up
you know I’m on da move sliddin through
I’m ridin through, an I’m who I’m knoddin to
Ya know, highly anticipated, love it or hate
I’m a real n….. favorite, cause I hustled an made it
Straight up da ghetto to a high class level
I’m punchin on da 745 gas petal
I’m thugged out, an huffin da ride
Wit da p95, an all my n…..’ll die for dollars no lie


Verse three

Wit a bottle of blue alize , an some weed from cali
Yes I do this on the daily, I’d be roudy without it
Yes I’m really about it, gettin cheddar forever
an I can’t snap out it, because my camp won’t allow it
now everybody rich around me
it’s a wealthy ass family, I hope yaw niggaz hear me
I will never let yaw jam me
Better blame me understand me, I’d die for my mullah
You can ask allah, I make ya go bye bye
High up in ds sk-sky, you can’t touch me
Buck 53, but I’m tuckin this three
Livin lovely you see, better keep it movin
When it’s comin to them battles dog, you sgould pick and choose’em
Cause f…. wit me ya sure to lose’em
Swifts how I maneuver, hit you wit them thangs from da ruger
Appreciate da world for I remove ya
N….. wanna flex but they names ain’t lex luger
I gotta ride

Fast Lane

Written By: James Thornton- aka Brasco

“Fast Lane”©
Lyrics by James Thorton (aka Brasco)
Produced By Blackwell MusicGroup
AMarriage Entertainment, LLC

Pedal to the floor
Stereo blasting
Shotgun I’m ready for action
Cops with their sirens on and they lights flashing
I ain't slowing down I be floatin right past'em
Do a buck up the back block
Trunk full of
And a burner in the stash box
Thoughts on my cash I gotta get it fast Ak
Interfere with that and you will get your ass rock
Lukewarm Naw I’m past hot
Plus I’m everything that you know your ass not
Everything you wanna be
Baby it ain't new 2 me
I can teach it 2 you little nigga take a cruise wit me
Through the streets of the deuce one 5
Where young niggas die tryna move them pies
We aim at your head never shoot in the sky
put your seat belt on if you really wanna ride

Yes come and ride wit the best
Engagement number 2 bumpin signs of success
Thank god that I’m blessed
Killem in the shoulders then I slide 2 the left
I’m good in the hood
Money power and respect
See me on the Bria then I slide 2 the Set
Got my 9 and my vest when I’m down on Indy
Wolves and them goons movin pounds on Indy
No snakes no suckas no clowns on Indy
no talking we spark and layem down on Indy
click clack bang be the sound on Indy
beef with me easily I can be found on Indy
bitches wanna ride wit me cuz the sound on the hemi
I floss dual exhaust it be smoking like a chimney
Don’t make me pull rank cuz I got a full tank and
All these broke niggas still sittin on empty

I drove through the fork in the road and went straight homie
Its all good I know niggas tryna hate on me
We getting cake home
And i'ma ride until the wheels fall off and the transmission break on me
We getting papes
Beef in the streets
If they could they would do me like they did Harold at the light

We be riding in the fastlane
See if you can keep up
Rollin wit the heat tucked
Yelling out gs up
Riding in the fastlane
All my niggas wit me
We do a buck 50 till the coppers come and get me


"Make A Move"; "Make A Move Artist- Sunn; Butch; Brasco; 3Ten; Baby Girl Idriss; Nick J.; Fallen; Stand Up; Still Dreamin; Fast Lane; Can I Cry; Who Want It (all released singles). LP's Reality Music by Butch; Engagement; as well as various other artists on the "Make A Move" Tour 2007) Streaming on

Set List

Fallen; Stand Up; Still Dreamin; Fast Lane; Can I Cry; Who Want It; You A Bitch; To the Top; This is How We Live. Typical sets are usually between 45- 60 minutes long.