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Leighton Buzzard, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Leighton Buzzard, United Kingdom | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Electronic Electronic


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Night Stories...The Review"

I have been following the Amarta Project for about four months now and fell in love with the music and so was very excited about the up and coming release of Night Stories.

Night Stories is a progressive album full of groove, mixing old skool sounds, beats with the current creating a musical tapestry that keeps your interest from Bad Monday to Shiver.

The production aspect of Night Stories is spot on. An extremely well balanced mastered album that sounds great on your speakers, buds, in the car. The bottom end is tight, focused and pounding but in context. The mids are slightly scooped giving that classic dance sound with sizzling highs. Stereo image is well thought out and the mono compatibility is the best I have heard in a long time, it will sound amazing in the clubs!

Compositionally, this album has many surprises. For example

Bad Monday - around 2.18 we get this great breakdown coming into a dirty synth riff rocking the track, brilliant.

Science.... And Other Things - is probably my favorite track, I love the concept - ‘Let Us Consider Now A Second Two Dimensional Existence’ This track has a great groove and feel to it. Check out the track from 2.00 the beat changes and is stomping bringing us back to the main compositional idea. There are a lot of musical elements happening through out this track and I think that ‘Stutter Edit’ by Izotope features in sections.

Pushka - The kick drum on this track is epic. An up tempo track which creates an atmosphere/ vibe of the city on a Saturday night about 11pm just before things kick off. Its the calm before a storm and then we get the hypnotic trance riff

Monument - A great chilled track that evolves beautifully and then enter the bass at 1.40 This track exhibits some awesome synth leads and improvisation. It has a lovely acoustic space giving a lounge feeling.

Jenny Kissed Me - Albums can be made or broken with the track run and what a perfect track to lead from Monument. For me this is Monument Part 2 - Rhythmically challenging lead riffs that make great use of stereo delays. This track is one of them tracks that when you have listened to it a fair few time something new comes out in the mix. There are discrete musical elements happening all the time genius.

Cloud Cover - It just keeps getting better. There is a definite compositional and production signature that by this track is very obvious that there has been a lot of

time, thought and energy gone into the making of this album. What stands out for me in this track is the vocal parts, probably Stutter Edit and side chain compression all working together. A great bass line that has definition and serious bottom end.

The World Looks More Beautiful At Night - The intro to this track is very ambient, great chord sequence and use of sounds. The vocal parts are haunting yet inviting paving the way for another thought provoking bit of dialogue. There is a fantastic sax part coming in at 2.00 The bass on this track will sound awesome on a club system. The beat reminds me of Enigma’s early work on MCMXC a.d.

Neon Sun - Funky, sharp, deep, melodic are but a few words I choose to describe this track. Come the 2.00 mark the track goes mental with an epic synth riff and then converging into a colossal soundscape of dub-step I can’t get enough of this track!

Hearing, Breathing - The most chilled out intro on the album. A beautiful piano piece shrouded with pads and musical elements with a fantastic build up when the main beat kicks in at 1.42 Music has a way of transporting us to a place that goes beyond comprehension and I just let this track take me on a journey. The vocoder parts towards the end are a real treat

Shiver - Because after the big night out and everything has come to an end, you are on your own reflecting on the night stories, then, you realize its cold out there!

The bottom line is this, an awesome album that is a must buy

Carl Lamb AKA Pyramid

Urban Recording Ltd - Carl Lamb, Pyramid

"Recommended Album"

Night Stories is an album that is bursting with variety. Honestly, there are so many various genres and styles packed in this album, which definitely shows how skilled the artist is. You'll hear a bit of funk, electropop, breakbeat, drum&bass, chillout, lounge and anything in between. On top of that we are talking quality as well. All tracks have absolutely natural flow to them. I can only guess, but it sounds like there has been a lot of effort and sleepless nights put into making those vibes. What is absolutely mind blowing is how it all comes together, you'll be nodding your head to some crazy cuts and stutters in one song and then you'll be taken away by relaxing and intimate sonic experience which will naturally merge into jazzy layers, electro synth leads, piano inversions and funky beats. THAT is just fantastic. Look at the album cover again. My guess that it truly resembles the music contrast that you will listen to.

So what does it all sum up to at the end?

Night Stories is a diverse set of quality electronic music with unique and engaging oscillations of mood, tempo and genres. It shows numerous great examples of well put evocative vibes and bridges the gap between time proven beats and modern, innovative music. That kind of combo is what makes this album unique and worth checking out!

I personally recommend Night Stories by Amarta Project. It has met all expectations and then some. - Vytautas Palubeckas (Three Hundred 65)


Still working on that hot first release.



It had to begin somewhere. 
Balancing many genres, Amarta Project covers IDM and Electronic Music with his own organic style, producing music that is sometimes delicate, sometimes hard - but always with a healthy dose of the magic ingredient...a little bit of soul.
Amarta Project released his debut album 'Night Stories' in 2012, and now returns in 2016 with a fresh new album, 'Beyond The Lines, Beyond The Sea'  released on June 20th. 
An album born out of loss, #BTLBTS is a dark, introspective swathe of electronica, overflowing with heart and drawing on influences such as blues, folk, soul and urban electronica. It features vocal performances from the incredibly talented Iona Leigh (on 'Wildflower' and 'Beyond The Sea (Ae Fond Kiss)) and the sassy Odissi (on 'Dead Bird') coupled with delicate and infused production from Amarta Project - this album will take you on a journey - beyond the lines, beyond the sea.

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