Amaryah's music appeals to all ages. She sings captivating melodies that the soul longs to hear- about love, loss, and the joy of living.


Whether it was fate or just a childish whim, Amaryah's one desire has always been to make music. Even from a young age, the talent to create beautiful music was evident in her endeavors. Her songs have natural melodies and provoking lyrics. Her musical experience began in Grand Rapids, MI. Amaryah's family was unable to afford a piano, so at age five, Amaryah started praying for a piano everyday. A couple years and countless prayers later, a friend of the family gave her an old player piano and she started taking lessons.

Amaryah's family moved many times during her childhood, exposing her to various cultures and musical styles. She dabbled in everything from bluegrass/folk to punk though she eventually settled in the singer/songwriter niche. As a child, Amaryah often accompanied her parents in service projects. Therefore, her first audiences were her toughest- prisoners and regulars at the local food kitchen.

While attending middle school in Springfield, MO, Amaryah's charismatic personality got her in trouble with her teachers. Unable to handle Amaryah's abundant energy, one teacher, on several occasions, put Amaryah in the closet of the classroom. When the school found out about these incidents, they removed Amaryah from that teacher's class and placed her in the school's stringed orchestra. Though Amaryah knew nothing about the violin upon joining and was largely self-taught, within months she moved from last chair violin to induction into the school's chapter of Strolling Strings. Furthermore, Amaryah joined the school's jazz band (as pianist), performed in several local musicals, and received many awards in the state's music contests.

Another move found her in Lowell, MA where, shortly after turning 16, circumstances left Amaryah in charge of corporate music at her church. Out of both necessity and desire, she quickly picked up her mother's old Martin guitar and discovered her singing voice. She had written poetry since childhood; however, it was during her high school years that she was able to cultivate her songwriting voice.

In 2003, Amaryah teamed up with two friends and formed the band, Down Like Velvet (which has since disbanded). With the band and as a solo artist, Amaryah has played in many venues in the midwest and east coast. She graduated from North Central University in Minneapolis where she was the first female guitar major to graduated from the univeristy in it's history.


You Didn't Have A Clue

Written By: Amaryah Kooistra, Harmony LaBeff

I looked across the crowded room
The only one I ever saw was you
And then I fell under your spell
I lost control and hoped you could not tell
That love was looking right at you
You didn't have a clue

You said I was your best friend
You said our time together was well spent
Then you asked where's the love you missed
I thought it strange you missed the obvious
That love was staring back as you
You didn't have a clue

You called me on the phone tonight
You met someone who brought you back to life
Every detail broke my heart
I played it cool by now I know my part
So like a fool I wished the best for you
And you didn't have a clue

That love was crying out to you
You didn't have a clue

I'm Not Sorry

Written By: Amaryah Kooistra

I'm not sorry we missed the movie
'Cause we were busy kissing
We hurried love like that movie scene
Foolishly fast forwarding
Speeding made us crash and burn
But our mistakes were lessons learned
And I'm not sorry we took a break
(I'm) not even sorry for the heartache

Looking back I see
You and I were never meant to be
Believe me when I say it's true
I'm not sorry that I loved you

I'm not sorry I spoke my mind
Or that we made each other cry
We turned our faces to hide the shame
Of calling names and shifting blame
You wouldn't look me in the eye
When our affection was a lie
Then I knew I had to move on
Our love was gone, love was gone

Looking back I know
Sometimes loving means letting go
Would we have started if we knew?
I'm not sorry that I left you

Do, do, do, do, do (4x)

Looking back I see
You and I were never meant to be
Believe me when I say it's true
I'm not sorry that I loved you
Looking back I know
Sometimes loving means letting go
Would we have started if we knew?
I'm not sorry that I left you

I'm not sorry
That I loved you
I'm not sorry
That I left you
I'm not sorry that I...



You Didn't Have A Clue (streaming, download)
I'm Not Sorry (streaming, download)

Set List

Preferred set: 1 set that is 45 min long

Other sets:
1- 1 hour set
1- 1 1/2 hour set
2- 45 min sets

Set list includes these songs:
He’s Not You
Second Hand Savior
Abandoned and Abused
I Will Wait
Midnight Road
Today Was A Long Week
Girl Worth The World
You Didn’t Have A Clue
I Want More
The Sky Is Falling
In the Garden
The Love You Make
We’re Gonna Be Alright
I’m Not Sorry
In the End

Set list may include these covers:
"Both Sides Now" by Joni Mitchell
"Ooh Child" by The Five Stairsteps