Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip HopEDM

Genre-bending HipHop and Electronica, driven by Soulful Hooks, Knocking Drums and Cinematic Soundscapes. Good Music, No Gimmicks!


Johnny Jonab Burt, aka Amatsu, is an LA Based Hip Hop and Electronica Producer/Songwriter, that has been lending his talents as a performer and musician to projects for nearly 15 years. contributor, James Shahan writes:

“With fresh samples, a keen ear for song progression and drums that feel custom made for anything they touch, Amatsu is the man to watch when it comes to dope beats.”

He has recently completed and digitally released a beat collection entitled “Music For Cinemas”, which has been garnering positive feedback from fellow music lovers, Producers, and MCs. Currently, Amatsu is keeping busy with several projects: a “Director’s Cut” of Music For Cinemas featuring Yung Chuwee; providing cues for a short film for the Venice Film Festival; and producing tracks for the official debut release of California Native, The Machine.

Amatsu started his musical career as a young child, teaching himself to sing and play guitar, bass guitar, and drums before turning 15 years old. As a vocal performer and musician, he has had the fortune of working with, and learn from, such notable artists as Maurice White, Preston Glass, 3rd Storee, and Rence Peres. These opportunities also allowed Amatsu's skills as a producer and songwriter to flourish.

For Amatsu, music is his life, music is his voice, music is his soul. Whether it be flipping a sample until it is nearly unrecognizable or creating beats and textures from scratch, Amatsu is a rising talent that takes no prisoners, and strives to rise above the competition.


Something's Gotta Give EP for Bothwell Records
Everything EP with Rence Perez and Tri World Records
Untitled Project with Maurice White and Preston Glass
Crush On You by 3rd Storee
Untitled Project for 3rd Storee