Amaya Laucirica

Amaya Laucirica

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS


If one were to summarise Amaya Laucirica’s music in a single word, that word would be “transcendent.” It’s a fitting word, because it describes both the genre defying nature of Amaya’s music and the effect her music tends to have upon the listener.

In 2008, Amaya Laucirica released her debut album, Sugar Lights on Bruce Milne’s label Infidelity Recordings. An intriguing blend of country, folk, rock and pop, Sugar Lights was well received critically and awarded “Album Of The Week” by RRR radio and “Single Of The Week” by Rave

As bold a debut as Sugar Lights was, it was Amaya’s second album, Early Summer, that truly defined her sound. Early Summer was denser, more detailed and darker than its predecessor, yet at the same time, retained the rawness, hope and beauty, that made Sugar Lights such an enticing

Writing for Mess & Noise, Doug Wallen praised it as an album “marked by understatement and restraint, no matter how many different instruments materialise” and likened the album’s sound to “Mazzy Star fronting a mellowed Jesus and Mary Chain”. “Early Summer,” wrote Wallen, “puts the Melbourne songwriter towards the front of her class.”

Early Summer was also selected as Triple J’s Feature Album in late 2010, with Triple J describing it as “a wistful, tender affair, full of dreamy melodies and sublime layers of sound.”

Early Summer was recorded by Dave McCluney at Atlantis Studios in Melbourne during late 2009, mixed by Victor Van Vugt (PJ Harvey, Nick Cave) in New York and mastered by Ray Staff (Spiritualized, The Libertines, David Bowie) in London.

In 2010, Amaya also contributed vocals to the acclaimed debut release by “Adalita.”

Following the release of the album, Amaya opened shows for Blonde Redhead and Holly Miranda (USA). She also toured extensively around Australia opening all national dates for Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees, Queens of The Stone Age) during his 2010 tour and opened all dates nationally for Adalita (Magic Dirt) in 2011. Later that year, she was named by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the ten exciting new female voices in Australian music. Amaya was also nominated as female artist of the year at The Age EG awards.

Since then Amaya has been busy at work on her third album. 'Sway' is due for release in 2013.


Anywhere There's You - EP
Released September, 2011 (Departed Sounds)
Single: No Excuses
(Received rotation on Triple J, FBI and Triple R radio stations)

Early Summer - LP
Released October, 2010 (Departed Sounds/Other Tongues)
This World Can Make You Happy/ Climb Up High
Anywhere She Went/ Sleeping In Your Shadow
(Received high rotation on Triple J Radio)

Sugar Lights - LP
Released October, 2008 on Infidelity Recordings through Inertia Music.
If You Look Now
Lost and Found
(Received high rotation on Triple R radio)

Amaya Laucirica (Self Titled) EP
Independent 2006
5 Track EP featuring 'You've Got A Smile' and 'Slow Down'.

Set List

1. Most Times I Feel Alright
2. This World Can Make You Happy
3. Anywhere She Went
4. Climb Up High
5. Marry Me
6. When I Think Of All The Places
7. Sleeping In Your Shadow
8. Sun On My Face
9. It's So Wrong
10.I Am Searching

* all songs written by Amaya Laucirica