Amazing Grace "sacred strings" Praise Band
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Amazing Grace "sacred strings" Praise Band


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"Pure Joy, Joy, Joy"

The Amazing Grace Praise Band truly brings the fever back into gospel music. The great musicianship and the superb family harmonies are inspirationally passionate and truly unique .Of all the gospel group's that I've heard in 29 years of music publishing THIS ONE HAS GOT THE SOUND ,THE SOUL and DELIVERS The Message with PURE JOY ,JOY ,JOY AND DEVOTION.!! I Really Love it - - Lynne Robin Green President- Lansdowne/Winston/Bloor/Hoffman House Music Publishers

"The Rhythm Section Is Superb"

This Sacred Music album features steel guitar as the primary instrument on each of the thirteen selections presented. The musicians in this group are very talented. They not only play steel but double on other instruments and vocals. The music presented here is very spirited in praise of the Lord. If your foot is not keeping time while listening to this offering, then something is wrong. What a refreshing change from the type of music we normally expect to hear on steel guitar. The rhythm section is superb and overal musical quality is excellent. - Bob Maickel - Pedal Steel Newsletter

"A great praise CD of wonderful black, soulful gospel music."

The Amazing Grace "Sacred Strings" Praise Band's Glorious Triumph is a great praise CD of wonderful black, soulful gospel music. According to the liner notes, "Until recently, this unique music had never been heard outside of the Jewell Dominion church services."

The instrumentation consists of a steel guitar, bass guitar, drums and guitar. The vocal work is very soulful and beautiful, and several selections feature spoken words out of the Bible. Many songs are traditionals, arranged by the group members to fit their group's sound.

I recommend this CD to folks who enjoy praise and worship music to glorify the Lord's name and who might also enjoy this music in a different format than what they may be used to in their everyday listening. - Paulette Isaacs, Rambles - A Culture Arts Magazine

"Glorious Triumph a must get!"

Glorious Triumph is the Ohio-based group's 13-song album, and features solo steel guitar virtuosity from Del Ray Grace Sr., along with occasional front line efforts from Yolando Ramsey and Eric Russell. Supporting is a talented crew of vocalists who lend their pipes in the praise festival.

With the odd exception or two, the album is a set of newly arranged traditional songs. "Sing Till The Power" and "Amazing Grace Remix" are among stellar tracks. And put a star beside "Give Thanks", a tremendously melodic and soulful instrumental offering based on the popular chorus.

The Crouch classic "Jesus Is The Answer" is fired up by Grace's blazing steel, with Tressa Boles (known for her work with Chris Byrd and Tru Victory) lending her smoldering alto to the arrangement.

Original compositions include the rollicking "Eric' Praise", featuring Eric Russell up front, "Jay's Jam" and the title track, "Glorious Triumph", a praise that builds on Moses' song from Exodus 15, extolling God for His triumph over His enemies.

Glorious Triumph goes down as a much-get for 2005. - Stan North - Gospel Flava Magazine

"Many different ways to worship the one true God."

The band’s spiritual emphasis is accomplished in part by featuring a rotating trio of equally passionate steel players as well as a judicious use of volume in which steel-produced melodies and solo lines don’t often dominate. In fact, on numbers like "Jay’s Jam" and "Victory Praise," the itchy and insistent rhythm guitar parts nearly mask the steel, diffusing the notion that there are any "star" players in this outfit.

If your idea of a holy sound, though, is one of subdued reverence, you’d better hold on to your proverbial pew. The bulk of the disc is comprised of high-stepping instrumentals that combine rhythm and blues roots with irrepressible gospel-styled fervor. If you have a heart for Christian unity, take the time to hear and share one of the many different ways the one true God can be worshipped. - Steve Morley - United Methodist Church

"This CD makes me want to grin and shout"

The Amazing Grace Praise Band includes 3 steel guitarists: Del Ray Grace Sr., Eric Russell and Yolanda Ramsey. They don't play all at once, though - each song on this CD features just one steel guitarist. A few of the songs also feature vocals and recitations. This CD makes me want to grin and shout. The band has a bluesy, rocking feeling that is full of joy and life. The steel guitarists often improvise single string lines, using a wah pedal to invoke the quality of the human voice. "Glorious Triumph" is an excellent introduction to the Sacred Steel style of playing for those who have never heard it before. And if, like me, you're already a Sacred Steel devotee, you will surely enjoy this CD's unpretentious delivery of the Word of God in music. - Bobby Lee - Steel Guitar Forum

"True Musical Accomplishment"

The Amazing Grace Sacred Strings Praise Band has delivered a true musical accomplishment that is a masterful as it is innovative. I love the concept behind this album...If you want to gain appreciation for a new sound, if you want to break a sweat or even if you just love supporting Toledo-based artists in their pursuits... go purchase this album. Doing something different and doing it well is always a Glorious Triumph! - Michael Hayes - Sojourner's Truth Magazine

"It Is the instrumental tracks that rock this disc"

Amazing Grace Praise Band “Glorious Triumph”: “In the Bible, Psalms 150, Verse 4 says ‘Praise God with the stringed instruments and with dancing. And that’s exactly what we plan to do …” That’s the way the CD starts, and I’m tellin’ ya, that’s all she wrote, ‘cuz the band takes off from there. In the vein of Robert Randolph and the Family Band, this Toledo group rocks the house — or the church, as the case may be. Eric Russell is assured a place in heaven, by virtue of his steel-guitar playing alone, as is amply witnessed on the opening track “Eric’s Praise.” And it is the instrumental tracks that rock this disc — which is not to take away from Kelli Grace, Tressa Boles and the other vocalists on this homegrown production. Praise the steel guitar. ( - Steven Athans - Toledo City Paper

"Amazing Grace Praise Band Sacred Strings "Let The Praise Begin"

The Amazing Grace Praise Band were initially formed at the State Line Church Of The Living God, sitting on the state line between Michigan and Ohio, where they were introduced into the tradition of Jewell Dominion music (Sacred Steel), providing a sublime backdrop to the prayers of Pastor Ella Mae Dupree and other ministers.

Although the church closed in 1995, it’s message lives on through the music of the Amazing Grace Praise Band led by Del Ray Grace Sr whose motivation is to “document and preserve what I considered to be a hidden treasure in the world of Gospel Roots Music” – a mission he has succeeded in with the release of ‘Let The Praise Begin’, abetted by the burgeoning interest in Sacred Steel led by the Randolph Brothers.

Del Ray Grace Sr is aided in his mission by Jay Caver (lead guitar), Del Ray Grace Jr (bass/drums), Angela Grace Russell (guitar), Eugene C. Grace (drums), with vocals by Tressa S. Boles and Loretta O’Bryant, and spoken praise introductions and asides from Kelli L. and Edwin K. Grace.

If you are unfamiliar with or unaware of Sacred Steel music then you have no way of being prepared for a music that is exhilarating in it’s power and intensity - Del Ray Grace’s steel guitar soaring into the heavens, the purity and passion inherent in it’s tone as timeless as the ministry it seeks to deliver. There are six instrumentals on this set that allow Grace Sr to stretch out, his steel guitar taking on an almost human timbre as it preaches his faith and message – the opening track, ‘Taste Of Grace’, riding a shuffle rhythm reminiscent of the ‘Shortnin’ Bread’ riff. ‘State-Line Praise’ swings irresistibly – ‘Sacred Sounds’ has a lilting Hawaiian feel and reminds me of ‘Help Me Make It Through The Night’ – whilst ‘Joyful Noise’ is exactly that, a lilting virtuoso steel performance with a spoken sermon.

Many blues singers spent their formative singing years ensconced in the gospel tradition, and many would argue that it’s roots lie in the church – a thesis that is enhanced when listening to tracks like ‘You Can’t Hurry God’, where Tressa Boles’ impassioned vocals are “moaned” over a mesmerizing guitar and tantalizing steel guitar riff, giving it a decidedly North Mississippi Hill Country blues feel. ‘What Is This?’ also has a deep blues feel with aching vocals and steel guitar – whilst ‘Old Ship Of Zion Part 1’ is a heartfelt spiritual where Loretta O’Bryant’s vocals bring to mind the image of a tender female Blind Willie Johnson - an utterly compelling performance. (
- Michael Rainsford writer for Blues in Britain Magazine


Freshman Album - "Glorious Truimph"
“In the Bible, Psalms 150:4 says Praise God on the stringed instruments and with dancing. And that’s exactly what we plan to do…” Using Bible Scripture to validate our praise, is how Del Ray Grace Sr. chooses to introduce the Amazing Grace Praise Band’s freshman CD to the music world and the praises go higher and higher from there.

“Glorious Triumph” is an excellent introduction to the Jewell Dominion style of Sacred Steel Guitar Praise Music for those who have never heard it before.

Sophmore CD Project entited "Let The Praise Begin"
“Just when the music industry thought all forms of Christian Music had been identified, the sacred strings sound of the Amazing Grace Praise Band emerges”. This is the bold proclamation being heralded by Minister Edwin K.Grace as he announces the Amazing Grace Praise Band’s return to the music scene with their sophomore CD project “Let the Praise Begin”.

“Let the Praise Begin” is not a song title per se, but a theme that is used throughout the CD to encompass the overall content of this project.



This CD project is a brief overview of our seventy year history of "sacred" praise music never before heard outside of the Pentecostal Church walls. This music is uniquely string instrument driven with the steel guitar as lead instrument. When played it sounds similar to the human voice. In the history of this "sacred" praise music many great Steel Guitar players have come and gone, yet no one has ever recorded or even documented this awesome legacy of music. This CD is our attempt to preserve the music that we love and respect before it is lost forever.