Amazing Grace "sacred strings" Praise Band

Amazing Grace "sacred strings" Praise Band


Toledo's best kept secret is not a secret any longer. The heavenly sounds of the Sacred Strings Praise Band is uplifting and inspirational. This CD is a combination of vocals, spoken word, and joyful praise music.


This CD project is a brief overview of our seventy year history of "sacred" praise music never before heard outside of the Pentecostal Church walls. This music is uniquely string instrument driven with the steel guitar as lead instrument. When played it sounds similar to the human voice. In the history of this "sacred" praise music many great Steel Guitar players have come and gone, yet no one has ever recorded or even documented this awesome legacy of music. This CD is our attempt to preserve the music that we love and respect before it is lost forever.


Freshman Album - "Glorious Truimph"
“In the Bible, Psalms 150:4 says Praise God on the stringed instruments and with dancing. And that’s exactly what we plan to do…” Using Bible Scripture to validate our praise, is how Del Ray Grace Sr. chooses to introduce the Amazing Grace Praise Band’s freshman CD to the music world and the praises go higher and higher from there.

“Glorious Triumph” is an excellent introduction to the Jewell Dominion style of Sacred Steel Guitar Praise Music for those who have never heard it before.

Sophmore CD Project entited "Let The Praise Begin"
“Just when the music industry thought all forms of Christian Music had been identified, the sacred strings sound of the Amazing Grace Praise Band emerges”. This is the bold proclamation being heralded by Minister Edwin K.Grace as he announces the Amazing Grace Praise Band’s return to the music scene with their sophomore CD project “Let the Praise Begin”.

“Let the Praise Begin” is not a song title per se, but a theme that is used throughout the CD to encompass the overall content of this project.

Set List

Our sets are anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Our main venues are festivals, christian wedding receptions, banquets, church functions and concerts.