Singer/songwriter with a New Age Pop twist. Relaxing, romantic, haunting.


I'm 46 years old with some life experience, and my lyrics and melodies reflect that. I am primarily interested in licensing.


Wings Of Love

Written By: Penny Shreve

You still are my hero
I still am your friend
We still have each other til the end

You still are my shelter
I still am your bride
We still are a family side-by-side

We still are together

This may be a valley
The road may be dry
But some blessed morning we're gonna fly

And we'll fly together
Get high together
On the wings of love

We've loved through the good times
We'll love through the bad
We'll walk through the heartache and be glad

And we'll smile together
Get high together
On the wings of love

And when we're older, and we look back on this day
We'll laugh and wonder why we ever were a bit afraid, and

We'll sigh in the moonlight
And dance in the sun
We'll count all our losses and the times we won

Repeat cho.


CD released "Heartsong" by Amber. Have some Internet and B-class radio play on album.

Set List

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