Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

soulful, forthright, persistant


When Amber Amanda was 3 years old she was attending a concert and was pulled up on stage. They handed her the mic and told the audience she was their new back up singer. From that day forward, being on stage and preforming, was her dream.

Amber Amanda has written songs since she was 12 years old. Please check out Sun Down on my EPK. She plays the guitar & piano and writes her own songs. At the age of 9 Amber Amanda began pursuing her acting career.

Amber Amanda performs at every opportunity. In 2010 she was selected performed at BB Kings in Nashville. While in LA she performed several nights at the Farmers Market. One of her earliest performances was for the Texas State Rodeo in 2007. In her home town of Oklahoma City she was selected to perform for the 2010 New Years Eve celebration.

The music of Amber Amanda takes you into a story and you feel the lyrics even if you haven't had that same experience. Her music is about reaching deep into the soul and not just about pop culture. Amber Amanda enjoys a wide range of music including Kid cuDi, Christine Aguilera, Florence & The Machines and Mariah Carey.

soulful, forthright, persistant

Amber Amanda's music is from within the soul. She creates from the heart and feels the story. She keeps it real and move forward as she grows from each new experience. She will be a successful artist and an inspiration to others.


Sun Down

Written By: Amber Amanda

Okay so here's a story about a boy and girl I know
And love can only go so far but how far will it go
I'll take a chance with you if you stay for a while
I'll do anything I can do just to see you smile

And when the sun comes up
When the sun goes down
You'll always be my love
And nothing brigning us down

Do you remember the first time that we met
It was getting dark and the sun was about to set
I'd climb a mountain for you and if I happen to come down
It would be all for you and would stick around

And when the sun comes up
When the sun goes down
You'll always be my love
And nothing brigning us down


Recored six songs also written by Amber Amanda.
Daddy's Song
The Promise
My Confession
Any Messure
Ugly Truth
Sun Down

Set List

45 Min Set List:
1. Stuck Like Glue
2. My Confession
3. Any Measure
4. Love in Outerspace
5. Bubbly
6. Ugly Truth
7. My Promise
8. Daddy's Song
9. All About Us
10. The Only Exception
11. Sundown