Amber Bayani

Amber Bayani



Amber, 17, has been singing since the age of 3 and has been ever since. At 5 years old she started playing piano lessons. As she got older she stopped taking lessons and is now teaching herself. Two years ago Amber picked up her father's guitar and taught herself how to play it as well. Without much formal training in singing, piano or guitar, Amber is able to excel in music. She has over 6,600 subscribers on Youtube and has been flown out to Edmonton, AB and San Diego, CA to perform at concerts.


Flying High

Written By: Amber Bayani

**Note: Darna = Filipino Superwoman

Standing by the airport gate
Here we go again
Reaching for that final kiss

He looks at me
And wipes away the tear rolling down my face
He brushes my hair and with a perfect stare
I hear him tell me this

If I could walk across the water
Fly across the sky
Break the rules of human life and teleport on by
I'd be with you in a heart beat
Don't care bout all of the miles in between
Cuz I know, I know we can
Be like Darna and Superman
Flying high when you're in
My arms again

Staring out the window wishing you
Were staring outside of it next to me
Holding hands as we take off

Can't help but think
About the day, the day that he said to me
"It won't be long, but baby stay strong
Cuz I know one day we'll be"


I feel your love when I close my eyes
I'm sitting here on standby
Just waiting, waiting, waiting
For the day the distance between us dies

Baby when we're flying high
(Chorus x2)