Amber Lynn

Amber Lynn


Amber Lynn is Elvis Presley in a female body. She draws rapt attention and dancing feet from her audience wherever she plays-- always a total crowd pleaser! Either on the stage or in the car, Amber Lyn will makes ears across the nation feel good.


Amber Lynn is a beautiful blond with an amazing voice and fantastic songwriting ability. Her soulful, angelic, and rhythmic playing is comprissed of influences from Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, The Beatles, and of course the King himself.
Amber's song writing ability is what truly sets her apart from the mediocre and will establish her in the extraordinary.
She has already taken tremendous steps in her musical career and is geared to take the stairs all the way to the top. From standing deathly afraid in front of a microphone in a home recording studio to jamming out on the streets of downtown Athens-- Amber Lynn is truly meant to be an inspriation to the world.


Good Goes Around

Written By: Amber Landress


I was walking, just the other day
I saw a man and he looked my way
He said I’ve got no money, got no job
and my old lady thinks I’m a slob


I said don’t let this world bring you down
Cause you know that good goes around
You might go up but you’ve got to come down
But don’t you worry cause...
Good Goes Around

Verse 2:

Then this girl, at just sweet sixteen,
Gave her heart for just a ring
Now she wonders how she ever got here
Cause she can’t seem to see through all her tears


You never know what today is gonna bring
Sometimes you hate the way it has to be
But if you just wait, good will come to you
It might be late, But the rest is up to you..

Good Goes Around
Good Goes Around and Around and Around.. (repetition
of ‘Around’)

Verse 3:

Now this man, he’s a millionaire
Cause he found love with long blonde hair
and Now this girl no longer yearns to be free
Cause in this man she’s found where she needs to be


So Don’t let this world bring you down
Cause you know that good it goes around
You might go up but you’ve got to come down
Don’t you worry cause
Good Goes Around

Good Goes Around and Around and Around...(repetition
of ‘Around’)


Written By: Amber Lynn


You’re worried about the bank note on the counter
How your backside is a little bit rounder
You got to make it to work on time
Cause you know you need every dime


But you know sometimes
All you need is to
Stop …(pause) .... and realize before another year goes by.


Then you take another trip around the sun
And another year has begun
All you need you will someday find
In a revolution

Verse 2:

What is time if you can’t touch the ground
And who are we if we don’t make a sound
So just forget about all these commodities
Look around and you will see
The grass so green the sky so blue
It’s all a gift for me and you.




Currently working on Debut CD with local Athens producer Mike Ewing.

Set List

Original material to play 60 mins. 90 - 120 mins w/ covers.