Amber Quinteiro

Amber Quinteiro


Melodic, Raw, Acoustic Folk/Soul...with a jazz vocal.


Growing up on classics, with a particular obsession with Billie Hoiliday, I probably sound like a singer from another era. My other influences include artists such as Nina Simone, Etta James, Otis Redding, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Simon and Garfunkel, and on and on. I have been singing all my life, I began writing at the age of 17 when I moved to Boston to sing in a soul group, I later decided to go solo as it was more of a pop group. After that I entered every contest and conference I could find, I did The Atlantis Music Conference 2004 and was featured on the Urban Compilation CD. There I met an Atlanta based Platinum producer with whom I spent the rest of 2004 crashing in the studio, writing and recording. I am now living in Los Angeles working as a full-time voice teacher and trying to get my band together so I can start performing all these songs floating around in my head.


Wish I

Written By: Amber Quinteiro

I gave you some of me but you stole the rest you see you
Came here as someone else and took my identity and I, I

Wish I didn't show you the better way,
Wish I knew you really listen to what I say, Wish I didn't feel so free and preach to you, Wish you didn't act like this and you knew you

When we had only met you liked the things I said but
When it was you and me you had to disagree a
Front I couldn't see but now baby i can see really why you were with me and I


The way I see it, I'm the one that made you into this
Off you go with all my work never once did you return
another woman you will find and share with her all that is mine
Thats why I wish I didn't give any part of me and how I live
Any part of me and how I live
Any part of me and how I live


All I Need

Written By: Amber Quinteiro

Today I feel so free
woke up today without a need
don't need you here don't need your call
I'm better now I have it all
let me enjoy myself
to lay here with nobody else
and not be scared that your not here
Of lonliness i have no fear cuz...

All I need, all I need, all I need is me

For so long I
let you have control of me
let you take hold of me
at the time you were all I could see and I
thought you were better than me
yes I
thought you were better than me
I thought I was lucky to be your girl
but not no more cuz


How am I gonna let you get in between
my eat, my sleep, my peace, my
happy my everything I
don't need noone but me and I
know all the beauty in me
now I
know all the life I can bring I
Know how happy I'll be without you
without you cuz all I need

All I need is me
there's no need but me
I'm complete
with me and mine and I'm just fine

guitar solo

1st Verse Repeat