Guildford, England, GBR

We are an energetic fusion of British alternative with a happy west coast vibe spending a key amount of time on vocal harmonies and catchy sing along choruses, we have just played two great shows at Halifax Pop Explosion to great audiences who queued round our apartment for tickets!


Sometimes stepping away from something can remind how much you love it. Having grown up with influence from 90's punk rock and Indie, Ambersand formed in 2011 to create an eclectic mix of genres to please ears from every walk of life.

Christian and Will began writing together from the tender age of 14 and played in various bands. With Will taking his main influences from early 90's Punk Rock and Christian from 80's/90's Indie and Alternative Rock; 7 years later they were to meet Brad and Tim to create a never before heard mix of these genres.

Ambersand began writing in early 2011 and used the media and personal experience to create a depth of feeling and emotion in their lyrics whilst offering a punchy bounce, intricate melodies and nostalgic chords mixed with infectiously catchy riffs to catapult their story to the world.

The band released their first EP called 'Handwritten' in April 2012 which created a firm approval by critical acclaim that this is the beginning of a new age of music.

Ambersand have been described as 'American influenced, unmistakably British'


Online Releases : Felicity, Streets I Roam, for better or worse, you'd better be on fire.

DigiPack Release : 'Handwritten'

Track Listing :
Streets I Roam,
Expect This,
Esteem On Ice,
For Better Or Worse

Set List

1. Felicty
2. Esteem on Ice
3. Exit Stage Left
4. Expect This
5. Streets I Roam
6. Coma-State
7. Breaking Books and Paper Planes
8. Control We Thought We'd Lost
9. For Better or Worse
10. Unfortunate Meteorology
11. Disco 311