Ambers Diary

Ambers Diary


Hey were Amber's Diary we'll bring the salsa you bring the chips LETS PARTY!!


All of the members come from different bands from all over Pa and all with different styles. The Band come togeather in May 2005 after Jeff, decided to put togeather another group and first contacted Justin to play drums. Justin and Jeff wrote acousticly for a few weeks while in search of a second guitarist and a bassist. And so Vince and Ant were playing togeather in another group and they had quit so they contacted Jeff and well a two for one deal came. The Band worked all summer with vocalist who was later replaced in august due to style differences. The band perfomed august through October until the departure of there 2nd Vocalist which led to a time out from october through december when Nate was found. And now with nate he completed the line-up. The band all takes influences from such bands as Saves The Day, Mae, Armor For Sleep, Cartel, The Starting Line. What Seperates us from the others is that we are the nicest guys in the world and we work very hard to get where we are in our career. With an opening slot on a Drive-Thru/Rushmore Tour, Endorsements with Knuklehead Strings, Big Bends Nut Sauce. we put fourth our best effort and keep plugging away even in the face of adversity. We've been viewed by Geffen, Drive-Thru/Rushmore, I Surrender Records and Trustkill Records. Were hard workers and we just do the best we can were family and thats how it stays. And now after 3 east coast tours one along side Crash Romeo (Trustkill) and Veara ( Wisteria) were ready to keep hitting the road and busting our asses


were currently demoing for our 2nd Ep with Producer/Engineer Durv in Baltimore Maryland.

Set List

Typical Set list is 6-7 orignal songs which runs about 35min in length