Los Angeles, California, USA

Band out of the ordinary: Playing with Lights, Video Projection, Great Performance, Musician Interplay and more than anything else:
Great Songs!....a real show for the entertaining business


When the Earth was created and the first organisms populated the pools of boiling water on a barren landscape, music was the storm. When ancient beasts walked where cities and people now thrive, music was their footsteps. Before man used hieroglyphics to communicate, music was their tool. Over millennia, it has been a perfect coupling with all life. From the marching sound of drums in the lands of Icarus and Aphrodite, we discover our rhythm. A brigade of a thousand Roman soldiers bring us the driving guitar riffs that set us free. Bass lines with the force of the winds that blow across the vast fields of tulips to stir giant windmills. Each of these being passed down from generation to generation to find its way to the City of Angels, where an evergreen voice full of hope and a desire for change tied them all together. A family that shared a vision of sharing their experiences through instrument. A band. AMBERSIDE


Amberside Single
Amberside EP

Set List

We have setlists that range from 30 minutes to 3 hours. 
1hr original music and 2 hr of covers.

We can performance from a stripped down to an acoustic duo; to a full on electric performance including video Projection and lights!

We can do all originals, or we can sprinkle in covers from Incubus,Muse, Mutemath, KOL, Michael Jackson, Jamiroquay....etc...