Amber Spyglass

Amber Spyglass

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Journey to the middle east by way of the wild west.


Amber Spyglass is a duo consisting of Kelly Godshall on vocals and guitar and John DeGregorio on guitar and programming. The music is dark rock that ranges widely from acoustic to electronic, from pop to ambient.


Amber Spyglass EP, 2001
"Catalyst Groove" (single) 2002
Accelerating Parcae LP, 2004
"Harmonic Tide", Sky So Grey comp, 2009
"Like Lost Lovers", Infectious Unease Radio Vol1 (AU), 2010
"Violent Silence", Lunar Sea 2 comp, 2011
"Unfortunate One", Deep Heaven IV comp, 2011

Set List

90% original, 10% covers