Amber Tapestry

Amber Tapestry

BandPopAdult Contemporary

We rolled enough to come up with a few new bumps and some polished edges.


Coming out of South Side Chicago and upper Wisconsin, we melded the influence of soul, rock and funk into a sound of our own. None of the songs we write sound the same, maybe a bad thing. But we are easily bored by sameness and like to experiment with sound, time and emotion, woven together to form a new picture of the world you thought you knew, hence the name, Amber Tapestry.


We are airtime virgins. This is our first flight outside of our own little circle, where we are known and loved and it is a free fall, seeing as how we have never flown before and have no idea how the world at large will feel us.

Set List

Our sets usually start with some little know classic we know and love and rolls into our originals;

Alley Dog
All Women Are The Same
Little Piece of Poison
Queen of Darkness
Progress on Palmer Street
Por Si Acaso
Three Fires
Without Regret
The Lizard Dance