amber voltaire

amber voltaire


Amber Voltaire creates inspired, intricate modern rock which is guitar driven with syncopated drumming and intelligent lyrics.


Originally from Louisiana, now hailing from Portland, Oregon, Amber Voltaire makes intricate rock that is truly original. Their music has influence from the riff rock of the 1970's, but incorporates a thoroughly modern use of structure, timing, and unique voice. Pop elements can be heard in attention to melody and flow, yet it's genre is firmly rock. Fair comparisons could be made to Shiner, Braid, Q and not U, Queens of the Stone Age, and even the Foo Fighters.



Written By: Daniel Twist

Cradle all of your reasons to believe in
Your favorite new proclamation
of elation.
Our hallowed mission to protect what's good, fire pistols, when you find happiness with no regrets.
Static phone calls insist you should hold on
But they keep breaking up, then making up

Papers for all your intentions, apprehensions
Paid for blue condemnations
poor relations
A longer distance to call for good keeps close
A new found happiness with no regrets
Static phone calls insist we should hold on but they keep breaking up, then making up
A new location. i knew i could call home but i'm just waking up, yeah waking up.

Changing combinations
Strengthens all relations

Changing locations
Weakens inhibitions

All the people say OK, have we built a wall?
To separate the sounds, oh no, from the novaphone.
Enunciate the sounds out loud when you're feeling bold
Faces with a frown back down further down the hole.
Afraid to complain at all
Makes it ok to remove the wall
Displayed individual strengths and traits to remain the same

And I change you by not changing It's true
We'll rename you and untame you It's true
And your faces remain vacant
It's true
But your faces can't contemplate it.


Written By: Daniel Twist

Way to go!
You've broken every bone
They've mended in the strangest ways
Now lying down is standing straight

Hero's on the way
Because Eurydice strayed
Better not to complain
When you lose to Fate
Almost past the gates
Then you looked away
Pundits said she wanted to stay
Feeling more at home

We lay our heads low for lying down
And coax the grapes to grow old
Pressured flesh then is watered down
To keep our heads clearer

There's no need for rest
Because I'm already dead
No sums to contest
Because I'm already spent
Virtue's had it's turn
Vice has things to learn
Belated small town fate
Encouraged your escape

There's no need for rest
Because I'm already dead
No sums to contest
Because I'm already spent


Written By: Daniel Twist

Wake up my friend
Cover your head from the thoughts that you're drowning in
Turning blue, broke in two
And the portion that's left is now drifting to sleep
Wake up again!
You're dragging yourself through the shit that you've been through
You've paid your dues
You've heard the truth
No need to lie in it

It's strange the marching of days
It's always the same
Nothing changes for you
You know it's true
All the same you prefer it this way
You know it, don't you?
You know the truth
You wave as they're calling your name
But resting is cheap
Forgetting your dreams every time that you sleep

All the begging and pleading
As you're slowing your breathing
Build ambition a cage

And we're weightless
But that can't be true
Because we're sinking

Wake up again!
Shake from your head the fog that you're lost in
Take your place
Name your disgraces but don't let it break you
Wake up again!
Wake up my friend
Wake up again!

Paper Populations

Written By: Daniel Twist

Templates are fed
Facsimile makes faces and fake smiles
Reveals to us your location by triangulation

Paper men and women laid to rest
Well cut but so poorly dressed
Recycled folded into thin strips
Then slowly are fed back into it

I'm sure you'll find this time is no different
When all that you know is merely an image
Heart still beats and voice makes vibrations
Quality duplication

Comments are bled then analyzed for meaning
Secrets inject, make haste for replication and trade sex
Templates are sent
Proximities invaded
Paraded into new molds circulated, impersonated

I'm sure you'll find this time is so different
When partial pressings make new editions
Stencils in place are defaced for retracing
To reform us

I'm sure you'll find this kind is so different
The medium has broke with tradition
Paper faces canceled arrangements
For their funeral waste bins

Hidden Minutes

Written By: Daniel Twist

The fall from greatness is long
The walls overheard us
It makes us nervous
The eyes of your friends condemn the taste of your skin
This is sensless
And shameless

Drunken and brazen but calm
Resistant to paint upon a shell of restraint
We tore it away and half united we claim we're completely blameless

What if everything you held true came to pieces?
What did you expect would be the result of this?
All that makes you good and true might change
The glue that holds your skin might melt and fade
Reconnect the broken pieces of your faith
Could you resist any chance to numb yourself away?

All told
Unmade, we fall
Mistakes dig holes
and remain untold

Eulogy for Sleep

Written By: Daniel Twist

Battle-scarred abandon lost to itself
Our new champion, disenchanted
Hacked to death with happiness
With its own right hand
Can it forgive itself?
Or radiate hatred

They'll smile with every word
They'll sing with every word
They'll laugh because it's absurd
They'll cry with every word

Our new dimension defended
Improper propositions accepted
We trade our vigilance in favor of a place for replacements

Now graciously bow
Numb to our senses and wait for the headsman
Awake, keen to remember capital yearnings forgot in our slumber

Trade places

Honest honor
Bewitch us with stitches
For mending what can't be mended
Oh decision!
The scissors, with vision
Make honest divisions to make us whole

They'll smile with every word
They'll sing with every word
They'll laugh because it's absurd
They'll cry with every word


Written By: Daniel Twist

Keep a straight face and a blank slate remember
It's a great joke to conceal what's apparent
If your playmate makes play dates
Consider what you're playing with

Go out and tell all the sinners
That you'll be home for dinner
Is this the first time that you've had time to ponder
What's on your plate?

Traitor, not so sacred
Trade for her

Trade masks and raise glass to bretheren
Do you feel more drunk from the poison?
Or did the thick smoke cloud your judgment?
Enlighten me

Feel better?
Take care to consider
Just who's more close

Traitor, not so sacred
Trade for her

You can only be on
The right side of one
When your table's round
Or so I've found

Double for the Martyr

Written By: Daniel Twist

Here's a photograph, that's yours to keep
Sleep always had the answers
And we almost never complain
I'm impressed with the candor with which you break your faith
All hail to the Empress Neverlasting
And I've seen this one
Afraid to speak, a true visionary
Deleted scenes
A dream sequence had the answers
We almost had it, almost...

You take a slap in the face with unnatural grace!
Someone buy this man a drink!

A double for the man!
A double for the martyr!

New Engine

Written By: Daniel Twist

It's said that it's untold
The strength of mistakes that can move on their own!
A brand new invention, a driverless engine
A resurrection from potential heaven
And if this is a test, a simple test
They scream in your face but you're unimpressed
Because you knew the answers, but you needed questions
A past and future paved with no intentions.


It fell in place without trying
Despite the best advice
Separated into fractions it divides

So you're broke
You gather the pieces of strenght untold
Caught in the engine
Need we mention that we taught methods for todays prevention?
And if this is a test, the hardest test
Your pencil broke and your paper a mess
Remember your lessons from your adolescence
Your only hope now is learning the questions
Wait for results, a simpleton hope
Test your limits to cope
A drop in the ocean sets in motion
A generation of a simple quotient

All that's natural
All that's fair
All that's natural
All that's fair


2006, Self Titled EP revolves 4 tracks from the band.

Set List

Set list is dependent on venue and band order, yet is typically a 30-45 minute set consisting of 6-10 songs. All songs are original. Typically songs are played with segues bridging songs to maintain flow and continuity.