AMBIDEXTER BLURB Ambidexter create diverse and stylistic electronic music. A dash of disco, a shimmer of soul with the punch of Rock. Their sound is beat driven, bass pumping, catchy cross genre electro.


Ambidexter was formed in 2000, the brainchild of producer Andy Hill who collaborated with a wide range of musicians. Ambidexter played support to many local and national acts such as ‘Bomba’ and ‘Fizard’.
Ambidexter played ‘Vibes On A Summers Day’
and several WAMI festivals. The songs ‘Line for Line’ and ‘People in the Stands’ appeared on past WAMI compilations.

By the end of 2003, ambidexter went through a transition. Vocalist Vanessa Mazza relocated to London and MC De La Ruse from the ‘Freak Radicals’ moved to Melbourne. Andy took some time out and collaborated with other producers. Writing the song ‘Media ocracy’ with Nic Capelle from ‘DSA’ the track was a WAM song of the year finalist. Then came the pavement music project ‘Dropbearz’ working alongside Jeremy Allom resulting in a 4 track EP.

At the end of 2005 Andy and long time ambidexter collaborator Sound Of Sam Cutri decided to start work on a debut album. Armed with a collection of brand new tracks written during the past year, Ambidexter put together a new live band, adding drummer Matt George from ‘the Scratch Foundation’ and vocalist Mani Duggan from ‘Beatnik Beats and NTT’.

Ambidexter continue to create diverse, beat driven accessible electronic sounds.