Ambient Silence

Ambient Silence


Ambient Silence is an alternative rock band out of Cleveland, Ohio. We're not one of those bands that came together by sheer chance nor did we form to fill the void that local rock is missing. We formed because we all share the same passion for music and we’d love to show that passion to the world


Ambient Silence is a post-hardcore/punk/alternative rock foursome out of Cleveland, Ohio with sounds similar to those of the Offspring, Rise Against, and Finch. Our music stems from the chemically imbalanced minds Ryan Foltz (Guitar/Vocals), Brett Henry (Guitar), Josh Ousley (Bass),and Tommy Horvath (drums).

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Breaking a Heart
1.) Bullets
2.) Darts
3.) Eleanor Rigby (originally by the Beatles)

Set List

Our set is typically an hour to an hour and a half long.

We do a multitude of songs, half of them are covers and half of them are originals