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Ambiguous rocks the spot with heated flow! Through his music,you can hear about his life obsticles, his family, his opinion on current hip hop mixed with r'n'b melodies and high energy pump'n beats. Working with some of Canada's hottest rappers. Be on the look out for Ambiguous!


Ambiguous began his life of hip-hop when he was only 8 years old,watching and learning about the culture of hip-hop through watching Turbo and Ozone break dancing videos from the 80's. Growing up in an abusive home, drugs and alcohol was a normal everyday thing to this 8 year old.
When Ambiguous relocated to Kentville N.S at the age of 12, he began writing and expressing himself and recording thimself using only two small ghetto blasters. He began performing at small venues and parties and did this for many years.
To date Ambiguous is working on his debut album, correcting his debut underground album for release and is working on a mix c.d featuring some of Canada's hottest rappers. He just finished shooting his first professional music video and is currently developing a concept for the second video which pending will be collaborated with a very well known Canadian rapper! He's performed at shows with Canadian Idol Finalist Kaleb Simmons, Juno nominee and e.c.m.a winner Classified among other nationally known artists. Ambiguous plans on launching his own indie record lable, and never imagined that his hobby and dream would take him to where it has to this point. Working with some of Canada's hottest artists!!


Sometimes (first verse and Hook)

Written By: Ambiguous

I'm held in contemp,this life that i've drempt
exempt from disregard so attempt to vent
mom,they're listening,now i'm hell bent with intend on reaching those who been unment,
see i was born outta love,parents seperated young pushed me then got up and shoved,
I know the feeling of hallowness inside i died became untied and can't seem to cry,
broken homes and shattered dreams,leads to the life of a phene,
and for those who know what i mean keep moving cause i've been
Mom was tatted by the gang,ain't no fable,
woke up and found her passed out at the table
pops smoked blunts,did some stupid stunts,left me alone and now i'm on a mission because

I don't know what it is in me
but the pain and the striff got me thinking that something ain't right,
love child broken,now i'm pron to the mic, the only thing thats been keeping me right,
I don't know what they did to me but they call me whoreson and I ain't gonna be ignored sometime,
you see i'm pron to the mic cuz there's something missing outta my life


Morning Destiny ft.Lisa Lise (currently being remixed with Sabrina Taylor added)
Here I am ft. J-Last
Gimme da mic ft/J-Last
Never Neglected (currently being remixed)
Hurray Hero ft Muffins from Explizit ent.
Drownded ft.Kastc (currently being remixed)
Hold da mic
Wanna be (ft Moka Only)
Mic Breaka
Thrivin(ft Lisa Lise)
My Boo(ft Lisa Lise)

Set List

Any of the above songs in specic order pending the length of the show and creation of the performance.