Ambitiously Malcolm

Ambitiously Malcolm


Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers all had sex and produced a lovechild, we would be said lovechild. And we're blatant alcoholics. You ever hear of punk rock? Well we're drunk rock.


We are very heavily influenced by Kurt Cobain’s writing style. We write catchy, hard rockin’ songs with a hook. It’s great for live shows, radio, and will be met with success from the underground.


1000 Knives

Written By: Sean Mahan

Where are you going?
Where have I been?
A sleepless time in the night again

When did you leave?
Forgot to say ‘bye
I feel like I’ve died on a thousand knives

Best wait your turn
Get back to the line
I feel like I’ve stood for
Hours and hours

This one is yours
And that one is mine
A billion pavilions
I’m lost and crying

Best saddle up
Prepare for the ride
The journey is turning and
I’m still inside

Better wake up
So we’ll make the tide
I don’t want to go but
I’m tired of trying


Written By: Sean Mahan

I got an itch
Just give me a kiss
Of that unquenchable
Incredible ale

‘Cuz my disease
Is all I need
To get me
Through this livin’ hell

Just give me a sip
Need it on my lips
The taste it just
Brings me back

Forget the days
For my escape
All I need is a thirty rack

I’m talkin’ bout

Don’t stop and think
Just pour me the drink
My thoughts are
Encased in rhyme

I know what I can handle
And that’s to kill a handle
If you wanna have
A good time

Goin’ full throttle
To the bottom of the bottle
That’s the fuckin’ stuff

I’ve reached that point,
Where one is too many
And forty just
Isn’t enough
I’m talkin’ bout


Umass (A song)

Written By: Sean Mahan

From the winter of ’04 to the summer of ‘05
Was the best fuckin’ year that I ever was alive
I enrolled in a University know as Um… ass?

If I had known then
What I fuckin’ know now
There would never ever be a single solitary doubt
That I, just love, Umass

This song goes out to my
College experience
And God,
I love Umass

Was my first time drinkin, was my first time smokin’
Was my first real threesome and everybody’s jokin’
‘Bout the minuteman, give him some credit

While the frats are still here
Let’s get fucked up on beer
Then we’ll try to score all night, till the sun draws near
You know I’ve only got a few classes in the morning

This song goes out to my
College experience
And God,
I love Umass

Jegermister Budweiser Busch Ice Coors light
Goldshlagger Captain Morgans
Svedka Three Olives
Grey Goose Rubinoff Crown Royal and Pabts

Godiva Red Stripe Sam Adams Absinthe
Hard cider Magic hat
Ouzo Octoberfest
Jose Cuervo Keystone and Jack’s

This song goes out to my
College experience
And God,
I love Umass

This song goes out to my
College experience
And God,
I love Umass


Intent to Distribute - 2007 Shoestring Studios

Set List

We generally do an hour to an hour and a half of mostly originals, but we like to throw in the crowd pleasers.