Songstress, Spoken Word Artist.
Genre: Neo-Soul/R&B/Jazz, Funk.

In 2007, often it seems enough simply to walk through your words as an MC, it seems any part of your conversation will make the cut for many contemporary MC's vocal parts on their records. As long as the six-pack or booty is there, it seems true poets and lyrical percussionists need not apply. It is this climate that makes MC artist and entrepreneur Ambokile' stand out like a shining beacon in what some understand as the genre of Rap music. Ambokile' leads the light in a Renaissance of skilled, lyrical rhythmical orators of the calibre of Bahamadia, Rakim, Gil Scott Heron, and the Last Poets.

From her first release in late 2004, Ambokile's notoriety and repp as a skilled and serious MC, artist and performer has been steadily building in coffee houses, poetry readings and cable television shows of LA, USA, across California State and now her effect is rippling out across the globe to Europe and beyond as airplay and a following builds.

Working with a variety of producers, Ambokile' has produced contemporary classics such as "Journey" incorporating Neo Jazz Funk instrumentation and lyrical flow that Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson could easily have been behind.

With the ground work and foundation set, Ambokile' is now set to take things to another level.

Performances nationally and european dates are now being planned. Using her expertise found from working in other aspects of the music business such as its legal side. Ambokile' is now applying her "Ambolism" musical philosophy channeled via her fellow artists.

Ambokile's latest single is a more minimal electro funk work out, the flow still unstoppable with head tipped towards the Bay area renaissance about to explode worlwide. The West Coast has been slept on for too long. Ambokile' seems poised to reposition the area sound as thee sound others wish to copy. For the model, actress, songwriter, lyricist and poet Simply....Ambokile', the future seems bright.