Hollywood, California, USA
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Ambrose brings their modern interpretation of classic American rock 'n roll to a new generation of fans. Known for their inventive songwriting and enthusiastic, spirited live performances, Ambrose recalls the classic anthemic rock of AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, and Bowie


Ambrose, founded by lead vocalist Zak Ambrose, united in Los Angeles in 2005 for one reason…to spark the volatile fuse that ignites rock music. The band is now armed to bring their explosive sound to the masses. Ambrose has already begun to make their distinctive mark in the Los Angeles area, performing numerous shows at classic venues on the Sunset Strip, including gigs headlining The Roxy, The Viper Room, The Key Club, and The House of Blues Sunset.

"These guys deliver the Rock Show! And they do it because they love it. A little bit Guns N Roses, a sprinkling of Ziggy Stardust, a pinch of Led Zepplin and then toss in a heap of rippin guitar solos and you've got yourself AMBROSE! American Rock N Roll, sunset strip style."

-- Bill McCoy (Freelance Journalist, US Weekly, Celebrity Babylon - Music Critic)

With the impending release of the band’s debut self-titled album 'Ambrose', and the anticipation of embarking on a nationwide tour in '09, Ambrose continues to feed off the momentum and electricity. Ambrose has been working feverishly in the studio over the last few months with veteran music industry producer/mixer Anthony Focx (from the award-winning production team that has produced tracks by Aerosmith, Motley Crue, and Buckcherry) putting the finishing touches on the album.

In a recent interview regarding their forthcoming album, the band related, “We are focused on infusing soulful tones, powerful riffs and unfettered emotion to bring an uplifting experience to our audience. It is essential for us to blend the roots from the past with the euphoric ambiance of abstract sound, optimistically proffering our contribution to the renaissance of Rock N' Roll. The music is written from the core in an attempt to pull people together and inspire others to speak and write freely, above and beyond prescribed, formulaic methods.”

After hearing a sneak preview of the Ambrose album, acclaimed music writer Jonathan Cott expressed, “…a wonderful, heart opening, passionate album of love, loss and redemption with spangles of sunlight and shades of U2. An auspicious debut.”

-- Jonathan Cott – author of “Dylan”, “Back to a Shadow in the Night: Music Journalism and Writings”: 1968-2001, Co-editor “The Ballard of John and Yoko”

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Promise Land 2009
Love Child Suicide 2007

Set List

Ambrose has over 40 songs they can play live. Set list varies depending on the venue and the demands of the client.

Can perform both acoustic and electric sets for any occasion...