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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Matchbox Advance Compilation Release"

33 Bath Street
OX14 3RH
Tel: 01235 559 800

Media Release For Immediate Release


The hot new local band AMBULANZA has been signed up by one of Europe’s largest independent Record labels Matchbox Recordings. The top new music label will be releasing the song Something Out There by AMBULANZA on their “Advance” compilation that will be available to buy through Tower Records, CD Baby, The Matchbox Shop and delivered to various digital sites including I-tunes and Rhapsody. As this album features the cream of the crop of new worldwide talent music industry companies will also be able to request a FREE copy of the album for A&R purposes.

The album features a selection of the best new totally Independent worldwide artists and bands. Head of A&R and Matchbox label owner Dale Olivier said “ This album features a wealth of sounds from new rock, Indie, Punk and electro bands to acoustic solo artists. It’s a pretty eclectic but catchy compilation with a lot of talent on it”.

AMBULANZA plays Paramedical Funk music and is very popular in Szczecin which is on the Berlin-Polish border. Apart from doing pub gigs all over Poland and other parts of Europe including Germany and Budapest ( where the band was featured during the fabulous Pepsi Sziget Music Festival) , the band has played in front of large audiences. The latest, 5000 patients for the doctor’s new year gig in Szczecin. The crew includes Dr Mario on vocals and keys/ samplers who comes from the island of Malta and has also produced and recorded all AMBULANZA tracks at his Hospital Home Prescription records. Dr Subaqua plays the guitar, Dr Artur is the Bassologist and Dr Max works in the percussion depart. The doctors base their music on powerful grooves and humour. The doctors want their therapy to spread to the UK and beware for they are right at the door.

- Matchbox Recordings

"A Concert in Doctors' Aprons"

Koncert w Fartuchach

A concert in Doctor’s aprons
Gazeta Wyborcza ( Gazeta na Pomorzu.)
9-10 July 2001

Koncert w fartuchach

I would describe AMBULANZA music as entertaining, funk driven music, which can prove to be irresistible.
The band performed last Thursday night at The Brama Jazz Café.
AMBULANZA’s music proves to be better live than on CD and is dance alluring. Technically the band is perfect and what is even better, the band does this in captivating style. However good musicianship alone is not enough to make a band stand out, there needs to be something else, some inner energy which AMBULANZA seemed to leash out every minute.
Paramedical Funk, which is what they call their music is an interesting mix of classic funk echoing James Brown, with electronic sounds, some rapping vocals, and even a ska song. Thanks to this combination of styles, there was not even one sparkles moment. Even the people who stuck to their tables could not help tapping to the rhythm.

The vocalist easily stole the show. Dr Mario comes from Malta. He did not stop singing, he bounced throughout the entire pub and tried to get the people going. His singing was not boring as with each song his singing style changed, offering a very intelligent combination of styles and interesting interpretations.

The doctors even concentrated on their image. The crew performed wearing doctors’ aprons. Dr Mario himself was deposited at the club by a wailing ambulance.
- Gazeta Wyborcza


Latest news "Something Out There," appeared on 30th May on Advance Compilation issued by Matchbox 24 Radio and aired on XFM and many other UK radios.
3 CDs AMBULANZA Demo 2000, "The Sweetest Medicine," and "Right@the core"
Singles "Fly with Funky Music," included on Machina compilation Cd with 80,000 copies sold. "Give it back" appeared on Polish MTV and Viva Music tv, featured on Poland's leading radio station RMF FM. Locally the band is regularly featured on ABC Radio, even live recording slots.
Dr Mario is one of the stars in a TV variety show with a 9 million audience in Poland aired every Sunday and Friday prime time after the 8 o'clock news.



Set up 2000. AMBULANZA has played all over its home town Szczecin Poland and starred during the city's 2004/5 New Year Festivities in front of 5000 patients. It has toured Poland, Germany and Hungary plus other bordering states. Best Thrill The 2002 Pepsi Sziget Music Festival where the crew shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the business. Largest Audience Lodz Poland 6000 patients.
Our live gigs have always been a success. Dr Mario is a born showman and can inspire patients in English, Italian, and French, apart from Polish and Maltese. Most of all we believe in our music. It rocks, it grooves, it funks. We have an image, a wailing siren, doctors' aprons and humour. We love what we do and will die doing it.