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Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
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"local artist spotlight AMBUSH FAMILY"

One thing that is always said about the local hip-hop scene is thats theres no unity between artist. This is one thing that ambush family proves wrong as each emcee in this group come from other labels, groups or solo acts and came together by doing shows and listing to each others music. As a whole they have been around for about 2 years but as solo artist there careers span about a decade. Tragic started off as a solo artist and even had inked a deal with columbia records before getting locked up on gun possesion charge and was blacklisted from the label, from there he teamed up with local emcees napo, king ricco and dan madsen to form cheddar records (no confusion with f.a.ce the beast label with the same name" evntually disbanning do to personal reasons tragic went to form his own imprint streat hustle entertainment. Ctc started off with phillipburg bases g2g before disbanning and going solo, deibino was also a solo artist. All four of the artist met as they all opening up for ja rule at crock rock and formed ambush family. Ambush family has become one of the hardest grinding forces in the local scene even having the honor as the only local act to headline crock rock. They are also heavy in promoting and getting the local scene regonized either though talent shows emcee showcases or freestyle contest. They represent the streats and the local scene to know ends and by there performing shedule and monthy mixtape releases they dont seem to be stopping any time soon
Posted by east coast underground central - MARK MADSEN (EASTCOAST UNDERGROUND CENTRAL)


One i hate being in jail and hopefully never will again but this time i was fortunate to be locked up with relaity star ronnie ortega of jersey shore who as we talked mentioned was a fan of local rap act ambush family. Now im not a fan of jersey shore i think its a senless program i mean shit my life has drama 24/7 as well put me on tv, but when someone of national fame mentions a liking of local music i wanted to sit down for more, was a little disapointed but not shocked on why he liked the band but still i guess any regonizition by a celbrity is good eather way so here we go

mark madsen: whats good man

ronnie ortiz: not to much you know trying to avoid reporters paparrazi all asking me about my arrest

mark: suprised by watching your actions on tv id seem to think you'd like the exposure negative or postive since you was arrested last year on jersey shore

ronnie: well its all glorified for tv im none as this over hyper shout out guy but overall im laid back, never been to jail before and im trying to keep it low that i was i didnt even know they could lock you up for unpaid speeding tickets, i mean shit those fuckin pigs wouldnt even let me pay they the money for my fines

mark: being a former warren county resident that actually doesn't suprise me at all ive seen people get locked up here for curfew violations, but dont worry man i doubt it will get out my blog is not a entertainment tmz blog its a local hip-hop blog and thats why i actually hit you up for this interview, in jail we were talking and you mentioned you was a fan of a local hip-hop act

ronnie: hahahahahaha yea this group ambush family i did a personal apearence at this club crocidile rock or something like that in allentown pa and this dude was bugging the fuck out of me to buy his cd so i decided on doing so i had no intentions originally to listen to it but my i-pod had died out and needed some tunes for the ride back so i popped the shit in and the first track i heard i forget what it was called was a club banger that you could wile the fuck out to and realy enjoyed it, plus i picked up some chick at the club that was feeling it to so besides liking the song the cd got me in the sheets with this banging blonde so you realy cant hate a group who gets you laid hahahahahaha

mark: i guess i can feel you on that did you listen to more then just that track, did you feel more then just that track do you like them as a artist or because it was a club banger, sorry for hounding on the musical questions but this is a music blog i usually rate off lyrcism and shit like like.

ronnie: i listened to the whole cd there was maybe one other club track on there the rest of it was straight ghetto drug dealing shit, im not a big fan of rap music but i def would say they got talent that one dude by his voice i think it was the one who sold me the cd fat black dude had said some funny shit that got me cracking the fuck up hahahahaha you know but yea i deffintly like them

mark: ight i had sent you links to 3 other local artist did you give them a listen if so where you feeling any of them

ronnie: i skimmed though there tracks realy didnt listen to them in full but one track had me cracking the fuck up it was called nicki minaj or some shit i forget what it was called but that shit right there could be a viral sensation hahahahaaha i think every dude agrees theyd wanna smash nicki minaj you feel me Like i said im not to big of a fan for rap music more into club trance stuff so im sorry for not able to give you a better outlook on them

mark: you talking about jake haze with that nicki minaj track its ight man i just wanted to interview you cus im all about getting my local music scene known and since you mentioned to me you enjoyed a local act i wantted to get your views.

ronnie: like i said im a laid back dude i had some free time so i dont mind just keep it on the dl about my jail shit then we cool.

mark: like i said i run a local music blog im not sending this to tmz
ronnie: hahah well thanxs im peace out got some personal apearences to make but def look looks on not narcing out
Posted by east coast underground central at 8:19 AM

"new stylez tv"

great performers, lot of energy - new stylez tv

"wjrh sat. night mayhem"

biggest movment in the lehigh valley - dj chris






In 2007, Street Hustle Entertainment and CTC Records joined forces to become the strongest unit in independent Hip-Hop. The unit has gained momentum with more members adding thier personal strengths and lyrical prowess to the group. Ambush Family has shared stages with more than 30 major recording artists including but not limited to FABOLOUS, JADAKISS, JIM JONES, and BONE THUGS & HARMONY.

On and off stage, Ambush Family continues to AMBUSH any endeavor in their path. Examples include a self-named clothing line which gained a strong name from music, T.V. and radio, as well as a promotional company working mainly with local clubs and showcases of new talent. The Ambush Family has produced several episodes of NEW STYLEZ TV, a national show on RCN Cable.They also have recent calbo's with major recording artist such as PHILADELPHIA FREEWAY & TONE TRUMP.

With a growing family of producers, rappers, singers, songwriters and the backing of major recording artist, the Ambush Family is the NEW MOVEMENT OF HIP-HOP..