Amee Chapman

Amee Chapman

 Santa Cruz, California, USA

Grace is Hell to Keep is an album that should occupy the collection of every music lover. The body releases a great sigh with each song because it knows that there is another composition to combat the seemingly endless ridiculous excuse for music getting attention today. ~Soaked in Sound 2013


With a voice that conveys both the brutal honesty of a changing California and the tender footed sweetness of its past, Amee Chapman maintains a meandering love affair with the roots of American music. Influenced by the likes of Lucinda Williams, Jeff Tweedy and Tim Bluhm, Chapman's music is simple yet woven with the complexities of folks who just don't always fit in.

Chapman began collaborating with co-writer Nichole Robbins in 2002 and pulled together her 3rd release, Still Life, from this collection. Recorded and released in 2004, the album garnered favorable reviews from both print and radio press. Backed by her band, Chapman's live shows are both whiskey sharp and dogwood tender. From wineries to popular small town and big city venues to big country festivals, the music is appreciated by all.

Chapman recently released Grace Is Hell to Keep, her fourth album, in February of 2013.

Meanwhile, ACVT will continue to carve a niche in the Americana scene. With a residency at The Crepe Place in Santa Cruz, Amee hosted a very successful night called "Blazing Steels" which feature bands with pedal steel, lap steel or slide guitars.

Amee Chapman was awarded the Reader's Choice 2006 Sammie award (Sacramento Area Music Award) in the Country/Bluegrass Category. She has also shared the stage with the likes of Jolie Holland, Sean Hayes, Nathan Moore, The White Buffalo, Michelle Malone, Kristen Hall and the Stealing Angels.


Smoke Screen

Written By: Amee Chapman and Nichole Robbins

Darlin’ we better hang up
Our lonesomeness is costing me a dime
We’ll catch up before you know it
Fill in the blanks the road’s left behind

Lately I’ve been getting by without you
I’m taking on the trucker’s lament
Too many miles of rubber burning
Quiet’s worn out the tangles and turns again

I Need you here til the last goodbye
Made room for us both
I Need you here til the last goodbye
Check the smoke screen at the door (La, la, la)

Darlin’ can’t you tell that I’m lying
When I say that nothing’s really wrong
Fact is this bed for one’s thrown me off
Been draggin this on and on and on

Bridge: OK, sweet dreams, I’ll talk to ya’

I’m hangin my head on your dial tone
Empty, now that you’re gone
Should given up more to you somehow


"The Finish Line"-Limited Release, 1994
"Real" Debut LP-1996
"Still Life" LP Release October 2004
"Grace is Hell to Keep" LP Release -February 2013

Set List

Amee's live show is best described by's founder Madalyn Sklar, "Music for the Masses!"

Angeled Outlaw
Brittle Bones
Lion Hearted
Wishing Well
Paperback War
Smoke Screen
South Lamar
Ballroom Mama
See Right Through
Ounce of Nerve
Perfectly Byrd and Coltrane
Seaward Jack
Draw Me Back
Makeup in the Makeout Room
Caution King
Tattoo Cowboy
Oh Revelry
Not Too Late
Perfectly Bird and Coltrane

Amee throws in obscure covers by Neil Young, Lucinda Williams, Beth Orton, Townes Van Zandt, Cee Lo Green, Jimmy Cliff, Merle Haggard and the Rolling Stones.