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Ameet Kamath

San Francisco, California, United States | SELF

San Francisco, California, United States | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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Ameet Kamath @ Fat Baby

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

Ameet Kamath @ Fat Baby

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

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DATE: 09/27/2010
ARTIST: Ameet Kamath
CIN: 20100384110
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“A talented singer/songwriter who delivers a smooth, sophisticated Pop/Jazz/R&B sound on his album ‘Greasy Rails’ that soaks up the different cultures he’s been a part of” says Peter Braidis, who goes on to add “…this is definitely music for a more mature listener and Kamath has the appropriate smooth sound in both h…is voice and the musicians he uses. There is some very good bass, drum and sax work throughout…Ameet Kamath is a talent and a pleasure to listen to.” - Indie

“…Jazzige Rhythmen, wohliger Bläser-Einsatz, etwas Swing, Pop und eine Singer/Songwriter-Attitüde prägen das beschwingt-eingängige Schaffen von GREASY RAILS. Die persönlich gehaltenen Tracks in ihrer zwanglosen Anlage gefallen einfach…” Arne – Music Scan – Germany - Music Scan, Germany

“Soft and contemporary, Ameet Kamath’s lyrics are about real life situations…Kamath angles his music to bring the East and West together, infusing jazz and soft rock together to form a soft pop sound that is perfect to fall asleep to or throw on at a networking mixer. Throw this album in your mom’s Christmas stocking and you will see her smile…” UBO-HAMMER NEWSLETTER: SEPT. 23-29 - UBO-HAMMER NEWSLETTER

“…That’s Just The Way It Is, which seems by the content of the song is rather personal and the second version at the end of the album is just vocals and piano and the song is more powerful of his life experience…” Clown Magazine, UK
- Clown Magazine. UK

“…Greasy Rails has two main themes that run throughout it. The first revolves around the sometimes hard life of an immigrant to a new country. The second revolves around the universal emotion of love. Also found in these two themes is an undercurrent that you must stay true to both yourself and beliefs in life.

Stylistically the music ranges from singer songwriter, pop, and modern jazz to almost having a 60's folk-rock protest vibe at times…” C.W Ross – US - C W Ross


Greasy Rails - Album

1. Enough
2. That's Just the Way it Is
3. San Francisco
4. Give it Up
5. Love
6. Can I Have Some of It
7. Free
8. Too Late to Die Young
9. Greasy Rails



As a young Jesuit school choirboy in Mumbai, Ameet Kamath found that beyond the guilty pleasures of Bollywood production numbers lay the even guiltier pleasures of Western top-of-the-pops rock that found its way east—The Beatles, ABBA, and Queen—and that eventually brought him west.

“My parents thought I’d grow out of it. But I didn’t. That was the scene I fell in love with—the singers and bands who showed off their stuff to audiences who understood the fun and joy of the music. I still haven’t grown out of it.”

What he grew into, while living in New York, and San Francisco, was a way to give voice to his experience of the modern, young, Indian diaspora—not the stereotype of the immigrant Indian cab driver or doctor—in the musical language he’d come to love.

“I wanted to be an Indian vocalist who told his stories through Western pop. How hard is that to imagine? Pretty hard, I guess, from the reactions I used to get when listeners didn’t hear any bloody tabla or sitar. Look, I didn’t want to be another Indian crossover singer. If my music crosses over anything, it’s from pop to folk-rock.”

Those, to him, were the global languages, the barrier-breaking languages.

How well he succeeded is evident from the very first cut of his debut album, “Greasy Rails.” The finely-crafted lyrics reveal a gifted storyteller who sets his driving pop-rock rhythms (sans sitar and tabla) to fearlessly personal tales of the Indian diaspora. “Greasy-Rails” is pleasure-pumped global rock that defies and surpasses cliché. Uncompromised pop, New York bred and Mumbai bound.

by Bruce Stutz