Amelia Curran

Amelia Curran

 Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN

"This quietly stunning album heralds the arrival of Amelia Curran as one of this country’s finest singer-songwriters." - Montreal Gazette, Top Albums of the year.

"A gem of subtle vocal nuances and acoustic instrumental understatement" - The Toronto Star


Amelia Curran is a seeker. Nearly a decade ago she left St. John’s for Halifax, but still pines for Newfoundland every single day. With a number of East Coast Music Award nominations and an extensive discography, including: War Brides (2006), Lullaby for Barflies (2002), Trip Down Little Road (2001), and Barricade (2000), Curran knew it was finally time to make a record at home.

Over the past two years she recorded with Don Ellis in various caverns in St. John’s, the city of legends, from the abandoned CBC building on Duckworth Street to an old farm house on the fringes of town. For Curran St. John’s captures the essence of her inner huntress.

A songwriter by trade, but a writer at heart, Curran believes language is everything. She describes the craft of song-writing as an act of “expressing the inexpressible, a means of describing the indescribable.”

“Bye, Bye Montreal” could pay homage to Leonard Cohen and the thriving arts scene of yesteryear, but that’s the beauty of Curran. She never explicitly says what her songs about. She just opens the door and allows room for various interpretations and relationships.

“All Hands On A Grain of Sand,” speaks to Curran’s ability to elevate the lyrical into the poetical. Her desire to reconcile the past and move into the future is a constant struggle. “Ah Me,” manifests biblical myths into self-reflexive epiphanies, while “The Mistress,” is part confession, part obsession. A narrative-driven internal contention of what it means to be the other woman.

“Mad World, Outlive Me,” mines for the truth and untouchable gems held deep within the soul. With splashes of folk and cabaret aesthetics, “The Company Store,” wades through a lost way of life.

“Julia,” turns the page on a bleeding heart, while “Tiny Glass Houses,” shatters expectations and rebuilds the broken places within us all. “The Dozens,” is a toe-tapping rendition of harnessing one’s inner lover.

Retribution arrives in both “Love’s Lost Regard,” and “Wrecking Ball,” but it’s the album’s closer, “Last Call,” that leaves listeners thirsty for another round.


You Won't Find Me

Written By: Amelia Curran

You won't find me in the arms of strangers
Laughing and drinking like a big parader
I don't possess the mind to over matters
Of the money kind, mine just scatters
And you won't find me
You won't find me

Pick me up from my overcoat,
I've been wearing that overcoat for seven years
Long long years
If something don't pick me I'll dissappear
And you won't find me
You won't find me

And you won't find me in the magazines
Thumbing my way through those hip cat scenes
Rambling on, coat tails long
Waltzing my tears to a Tom Jone's song
No you won't find me
You won't find me

That sun come up everyday
Just to show me how it's done, I think
Oh but I get things in my own way
When that sun goes away, I drink
Drinking to the moon and the stars,
All those names on the boulevard

And you won't find me at the pearly gates,
Those boys don't make many mistakes
A big ole scroll, heads gonna roll
I gave away my heart, I'm gonna keep my soul
And you won't find me
You won't find me
No you won't find me
You won't find me

The Mistress

Written By: Amelia Curran


Hello it's me the mistress, is there anybody home
Cause the last place I should be is sitting here alone
All I ask for is forgiveness, if you've got some give it here
You don't act much like you need it, you don't look much like you care
Will you need me in the summer, will you need me in the spring
I believe my life is ending I don't know where to begin
You had me by the bible, you had me by the belt
You had me from the instant my cold love began to melt
And then you praised me for my inspiration, asked me for an explanation
Followed up with hesitation, fit my primal expectation
I don't care, but I don't mind, you can call me anytime
Hollar through the fortress and kick me out of line
I don't expect it from the grief that gathers in my head
I like suspended disbelief, I like to spend the day in bed
I like to spend the nights in heaven, hangin with the dead
With Judas, and his women, and the voices in my head

I've got my eyes upon the mirror, got my hands up in the air
I confess to my distress, yah I get crazier each year
And I'd change it if I could, you know I like to say that I would
But there's a war between the parts of me, the evil and the good
Try and stop me I'm on fire, though it doesn't look that way
You know I used to be a liar, but the living set me straight
I don't come with no disclaimer, I'm like everybody else
We keep our demons on the burner and our morals on the shelf

Nobody asks for my opinion just becuase you don't want to hear it
I swear I'm only human, wishing I could disappear
You must think it's an illusion, that I like to live in fear
Of a probable solution, why the devil put me here
Now no judgement call will kill me, just makes me close my eyes
And I sink in to the slumer, to the prison of my mind
Where I'd love to introduce you if you found a way inside
You could sell me retribution, and totally demystify

Until I don't know how I got here, until I don't know who to be
Is it better to be grounded, is it better to be free
Am I better off without you, am I happier alone
Hello, it's me The Mistress, could you please pick up the phone.


Amelia Curran - Spectators (Six Shooter Records, 2012)

Amelia Curran - Hunter, Hunter (Six Shooter Records, 2009)

Amelia Curran - War Brides - (Six Shooter Records, 2008)

Amelia Curran - Lullabies for Barflies - 2002

the SenseAmelia project - trip down little road - 2001

Amelia Curran - Barricade - 2000

Set List

Original Material:
Hangin' On
All The Ladies
Truly Dear I Love You So
You, Living in a Shadow
Fat Jack & Annie
Are You A Revolution?
Six Feet Under
The Carpenters' War
Just A Tuesday
You Won't Find Me
The Mistress
The Furious Curve
The Chapel Song
Come On, Come On
Scattered & Small
The Sunday Song
Everything I've Got To Give
Time's A Ticker
more ...

Cover Songs:
You Can Leave Your Hat On (Randy Newman)
Face Down On The Page (Al Tuck)

Regular show is one set of about 1hr, 20 min
Able to do two sets of about 1hr each

Amelia Curran is also available to appear as a solo singer/songwriter, and can perform up to 2 hours of original material.