Amelia's Only Daughters

Amelia's Only Daughters


Rich, radiant harmonies cinched up in a burlap sack. The kind of sound that sinks you back into your seat, and steals a sigh from your lips. Folksy, bluesy, lovely, and honest as youth.


Amelia's Only Daughters met on South Whidbey Island, where each grew up. There, in their small island community, the young ladies gathered to pick and sing at their leisure. Soon, this grew into a group that would leave audiences all over the Northwest lovestruck and swooning.

As the story goes, when Amelia Earhart disappeared from the world on July 2nd, 1937 with her vanished many secrets. Unbeknownst to the world, Amelia left four daughters on an enchanted island in the vast waters of Puget Sound. Motherless and very much alone, the four girls made ramshackle instruments out of various beach rubble. For many years they lived off the land, and when they were not spearing fish or trapping rabbits, they played music... the most beautiful music the world had ever heard.

One day some business folk from Seattle were yachting near the island, when an enormous storm capsized their boat. When they swam safely to shore, they were greeted by the heavenly croonings of the four girls, the lost daughters of Amelia Earhart. In no time at all they had homes, and warm meals... but they never forgot where they came from and those first years on the island. The remnants of that magical place are now woven deeply into every aspect of their music. They are Amelia's Only Daughters.


Skyward Bound- 2004