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"No Depression May 2006"

“Hard workin’, hard drinkin’ indie country alty folker rocker”—those are Amelia White’s words, but she’s better than whatever marketing jokes she ventures. The Nashville-based singer songwriter left out “smart and catchy and tuneful” in the way that recalls Steve Earle’s mesh of power chords, jangle and meaty rhythm section. She’s also digested Island-era Tom Waits (via junkyard percussion that’s never shtick) Giant Sand (in noir guitar layering that’s never lo-fi), and straight-ahead FM rock like the Wallflowers (via just about every hook). Her voice resembles Martha Wainwright or Kristy MacColl, embracing melodies and then just letting them go. Every song, even the Ballads, has a good tune, each as clear as her themes. Love songs give way to landscapes, both confessional and wider than herself, with details that never intrude on the sonic thrust. One can forgive an easy refrain like “ I’m broken but I’m not broken,” especially when it turns out to be a metaphor for falling down drunk. The title track, however, is the stunner, a fine, subtle and personal anti-war statement a la “Who’ll stop the rain”, with peace doves turned funeral black but free to haunt a lover left behind by the military call- up. White sends these songs out to artists working in a post-9/11 world; with certain promise and purpose, she makes the dedication count. NO DEPRESSION 2006

- Roy Kasten

"Harp Review 2006"

“Nashville songwriter Amelia White sings with the grace and ease of a seasoned star. Her drawl moves at glacier speed and is framed by echoing guitars and a soft-edged rhythm section” HARP 2006 - Harp

"Boston Globe 2006"

“one of those rare albums that’s filled with ebullient choruses and complicated moods, literate verse and ravaged guitars and a level of composition and craftsmanship that brings to mind Lucinda Williams, Tom Petty, and Ryan Adams” BOSTON GOBE 2006

- Elaine McArdle

"Initial Press for Amelia's upcoming album, Mar 2008: Motorcycle Dream"

"So far, Amelia White has leaked only three unmastered tracks from her soon-to-come album- Motorcycle Dream (Currently without a label home)- but that's enough to know she's got some good stuff in the can, stuff on par with the strong songwriting and affecting alt-country moodiness of 2006's Black Doves, which features the sublimely dark lounge-pop number "Snakes and Pushers." The new album's title track sounds mildly stoned in the best possible way: the band is in a thoroughly laid back groove, there's a haze of reverb and tremelo in the air, and White slur's the words and melody a little with a tough sounding sort of nonchalance. Another early disclosure is "Morning Song" a positively sunny duet with Jon Byrd that the two will do live in town for the first time at this show. Rumor has it the song is getting pitched to Tim and Faith, but it's plenty charming here as a frayed-edge, petal steel washed ballad.

- Nashville Scene, Jewly Hight

"The Tennessean 2007"

“ White Writes out fiery, topical ideas and emotional stories that name-check places such as Tupelo, and good country songs do and she sings them with a hint of Virginia-Bred twang that’s natural and charming. But the songs are translated through a muscled kind of rocked-out folk, and her voice has a taut nasal sharpness that sounds like it’d sit as comfortably in the Bluebird as it would in the smokey confines of rock-friendly club The End……she shows herself to be a strong smart lyricist with a knack for a pop-hook that at it’s best is rock-solid.” TENNESSEAN 2007

- Tennessean

"Washington Post 2006"

It's no wonder that Amelia White is being touted as the next Lucinda Williams. At Iota on Thursday, the Nashville resident, who was born in Arlington, revealed a slightly nasal, knife-edged voice that fans of Williams couldn't help loving.

But White has her own strong songs and strong style. There were only three people in her ensemble -- White on vocals and rhythm guitar, Larry Ferguson on percussion and Shawn Byrne on electric guitar -- but they spread across the small stage as if to make room for White's expansive, gripping tales of sin and deceit on both personal and global levels.
- Pamela Murray Winters

"No Depression 2007"

Not sure exactly if that's what's going on again right now, but I can tell you one thing, I can't get Amelia White's song "Black Doves" outta my head Black Doves" isn't an "anti-war" song necessarily, in that it doesn't take sides or espouse a policy. Rather, it communicates through the eyes of one left behind, as a loved one leaves for war. And, as with any great song, it actually hits the heart more deeply with its melody than with its words. Peter Blackstock- No Depression (RIP) 2007 - Peter Blackstock

"The Stranger (Seattle) 2007"

an edge to her beguiling compositions that is both literate and raw...White’s spirited live shows are unique and unadulterated...hard to resist.” -- The Stranger (Seattle) - N/A

"Miles of Music 2006"

While considered a “hard drinkin’, indie-country, alty folk-rocker” at heart, Amelia White has managed to prove, over the course of one full-length release (Blue Souvenirs) and an EP (Candy Heart), that she can push the pop envelope from these roots as well. Black Doves, her Funzalo Records debut sounds assuredly like the one that will elevate her into the league of those with whom she’s been compared. Her sound is instantly pleasing because it, both music and voice, strikes a familiar chord, with elements of Amy Rigby, Lucinda Williams, Paula Frazier and Aimee Mann all rolled into one. But her natural delivery seems from such a personal place and the songs so well written that ultimately White quickly proves to be an artist of distinction. Great hooks, great grooves, and great songs from start to finish. It doesn’t hurt when your record features plenty of guitar and vocal assistance from its co-producer Neilson Hubbard as well as some additional vocals by Mack Starks. Among the White originals, which fill the musical landscape like a topographical map of the heart, is the album’s sole cover, the Hubbard and Starks penned roots-popper “Dig Me Out”. This one has “it” for sure. –- Robinson, Miles Of Music (Funzalo Records) - Robinson

"Nashville Scene 2006"

This roots-rocker has expanded last year’s Candy Hearts EP into a full-length CD called Black Doves, named for a protest song delivered from the family of a soldier. With an astringent soprano cut with attitude and intelligence, she balances acute observation and imagery, then brings it home with well-crafted folk-rock that weds familiar instruments with modern touches. White has gradually emerged as one of best local up-and-comers since moving to Music City four years ago from Boston, where she was nurtured by the same acoustic scene that produced Patty Griffin, Mary Gauthier and Lori McKenna. With Black Doves, she shows she’s ready to join their top-level class. 3rd & Lindsley —MICHAEL McCALL - Michael McCall


COMES AND GOES (1999) Amelia's first solo record (LP), recorded and produced in Seattle with Tucker Martine (Modest Mouse, Laura Viers) at the studio helm.

BLUE SOUVENIRS (2001) Produced by Boston heavyweights Paul Kolderie and Brian Brown at famed Fort Apache Studios.

CANDY HEART (2005) A 6-song EP that was completed in 2004 and released independently in the hopes of luring management and publishing deals that would help get Amelia's work more widely known. This EP got her the attention of Funzalo Records/Mike's Artist Management, who signed her to a management/publishing/label deal.



Raised In Virginia, and based in Nashville, Amelia White cut her musical teeth in the New England area, in the same scene that produced Mary Gauthier, Lori McKenna and SarahBorges. Her music has been described as hard rocking -folkin -alt-art country… But her songs and strong melodic style rise above categorization. Her Albums BLUE SOUVENIRS and BLACK DOVES (funzalo Records 2006) put her on the map with critical acclaims nationwide, steady non-com radio play,and appearances on E-Town and NPR’s All Songs Considered. A few TV Placements further exposed her talents.

"The songs come out of me hard and heavy-- regularly. They walk the line between Neo Folk, raw well made rock, and rootsy pop. They have a lot of heart, and a good dose of intellect, and every few songs have a political and social consciousness....sometimes you have to listen twice to get em, though some can easily grab hold of you like an old hank williams. Some call them Indie Country, some Americana, Some Folk Rock. To me they are the stories of my life and love and what I see in my friends eyes, strangers stories. they are miniature 3-3and1/2 minute films. Writing to music comes to me like breathing and or eating, and its as pleasurable upon completion as great sex."

Now with a new album in hand entitled MOTORCYCLE DREAM Amelia continues to prove that she’s a prolific writer with something to say and intensity to her cinematic lyrics that will stand the test of time. She’s already attracted a partnership with Art Ford Music Agency (L.A.) to shop the new tunes to TV and Film. MOTORCYLCE DREAM was recorded mostly live in Nashville with Producer Neilson Hubbard and a small core band of her favorite Nashville and Boston Players, most notably JJ Jackson (Dylan) Marco Giovino (Glen Tilbrook) and Russell Chudnofsky (Lori McKenna)

"My band lately walks the line between a caveman airplane up in the sky at high speed almost ready to fall apart, and a fine glimmering jewel..."

MOTORCYCLE DREAM explores addiction, political and personal bullies, her dog’s near death, stranger’s heart-aches, and new love. Amelia is known for her unadulterated live performances and charisma. She is a true artist and will continue to write and play her songs regardless of lack of funding, current trends, or gas prices.