Amelia White

Amelia White

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Moody and melodic melodies floating over rootsy rock grooves with cinematic lyrics. White's voice is a mix of pretty and gritty -it's got a hint of virginia twang, and the songwriting is lean and poetic and never reveals too much. Live shows are spirited and distinctive.


Raised In Virginia, and based in Nashville, Amelia White cut her musical teeth in the New England area, in the same scene that produced Mary Gauthier, Lori McKenna and SarahBorges. Her music has been described as hard rocking -folkin -alt-art country… But her songs and strong melodic style rise above categorization. Her Albums BLUE SOUVENIRS and BLACK DOVES (funzalo Records 2006) put her on the map with critical acclaims nationwide, steady non-com radio play,and appearances on E-Town and NPR’s All Songs Considered. A few TV Placements further exposed her talents.

"The songs come out of me hard and heavy-- regularly. They walk the line between Neo Folk, raw well made rock, and rootsy pop. They have a lot of heart, and a good dose of intellect, and every few songs have a political and social consciousness....sometimes you have to listen twice to get em, though some can easily grab hold of you like an old hank williams. Some call them Indie Country, some Americana, Some Folk Rock. To me they are the stories of my life and love and what I see in my friends eyes, strangers stories. they are miniature 3-3and1/2 minute films. Writing to music comes to me like breathing and or eating, and its as pleasurable upon completion as great sex."

Now with a new album in hand entitled MOTORCYCLE DREAM Amelia continues to prove that she’s a prolific writer with something to say and intensity to her cinematic lyrics that will stand the test of time. She’s already attracted a partnership with Art Ford Music Agency (L.A.) to shop the new tunes to TV and Film. MOTORCYLCE DREAM was recorded mostly live in Nashville with Producer Neilson Hubbard and a small core band of her favorite Nashville and Boston Players, most notably JJ Jackson (Dylan) Marco Giovino (Glen Tilbrook) and Russell Chudnofsky (Lori McKenna)

"My band lately walks the line between a caveman airplane up in the sky at high speed almost ready to fall apart, and a fine glimmering jewel..."

MOTORCYCLE DREAM explores addiction, political and personal bullies, her dog’s near death, stranger’s heart-aches, and new love. Amelia is known for her unadulterated live performances and charisma. She is a true artist and will continue to write and play her songs regardless of lack of funding, current trends, or gas prices.


COMES AND GOES (1999) Amelia's first solo record (LP), recorded and produced in Seattle with Tucker Martine (Modest Mouse, Laura Viers) at the studio helm.

BLUE SOUVENIRS (2001) Produced by Boston heavyweights Paul Kolderie and Brian Brown at famed Fort Apache Studios.

CANDY HEART (2005) A 6-song EP that was completed in 2004 and released independently in the hopes of luring management and publishing deals that would help get Amelia's work more widely known. This EP got her the attention of Funzalo Records/Mike's Artist Management, who signed her to a management/publishing/label deal.

Set List

Sets are generally one or two 45 minute sets.
Example of one 45 minute set:
1. Snakes and Pushers (Black Doves)
2. Black Doves (Black Doves)
3. How Far is Down (Black Doves)
4. Yellow Cab (Blue Souvenirs)
5. Motorcycle Dream (Motorcycle Dream)
6. Said it Like A King (Motorcycle Dream)
7. Tell Me Why (Neil Young-from Harvest)
8. Windowpane (Black Doves)
9. Rusted Dreams (Motorcycle Dream)
10. Crashes In the Dark (Motorcycle Dream)
11. Morning Song (Motorcycle Dream)