Amelie and The Shiny Electric Filament

Amelie and The Shiny Electric Filament


A French,American,Lebanese electro-pop-grunge musical duo. Amelie and the shiny electric filament create a raw, crispy and electrifying sound influenced by New Wave, Glam Rock and Soul. They both manage to seduce their audience into wanting to jump on stage to be with them by the end of most shows.


Amelie is a French, American performer, director, composer and multi-instrumentalist. In the past few years, Amelie has either performed or directed in her or others own theatrical, radio and musical creations in Paris, Amsterdam, New York, London, Montreal, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Avignon Theatre Festival. This year will mark the release of Amelie and The Shiny Electric Filament's first EP: selection.

Jawad Chaaban is a Montreal-based electroacoustic musician, composer and visual artist. He has short –circuited his first radio at the age of 5, studied electroacoustic music at Concordia University, worked on preservation of old and new media heritage on an international scale, and recently produced a glitchy film about memory at the National Film Board. He is a multi-instrumentalist and a recording expert. His music explores concepts of noise, culture, sound mass, transformation, space and recycling of recorded material.


Making it quick

Written By: Amelie Rousseaux

It aint easy
Making it quick to be the best, to be the first one of them all
You know it ain’t easy
Lifting the medals and the bottles and the scores that beat them all
You say it ain’t easy
You say, look and you’ll see
I will blind thee

You will strike the ones that helped to build you tall
You will lie and think oh wait who else is left to lift me up
to cheer me on and drown them all.

It aint easy


Written By: Amelie Rousseaux

I’m going away
I’m walking away

Back to California
Back to Miami,
Where I’m going is not any of your.

I’m not perfect history,
I’m not making a créative test machine baby
I think that I’m beautiful, yeah
I think that I’m wonderful, yeah
I think that I’m magical, yeah
And you… and you….
You do too

What’s in it for me ?
What’s in it for me I told you but

You have a beautiful answer made of love and tears
But I, I know when I’m not a son
and I, I know when I’m not a child in bearing
And I know when I’m not your magical lovin’

How many windmills must you cry ?
How many children will you disguise ?


Written By: Amelie Rousseaux

Sometimes I feel like a window without a lock
Like the wind blowing on a building top
No, its not easy, being a friend
Take it as it comes and see how it ends
I know it’s a hard time to be
Uh huh Uh huh…
I have a window in the side of my room
It’s open to whoever wants to presume
I think it’s a big lie to say
You’re not an easy lover
You’re not an easy lover
Uh huh, Uh huh…


- "Selection", EP: July, 2010.
- "Making it Quick": Radio Rood, 107.4 FM, Amsterdam, NL.
- "Alone", Radio France Inter, Paris, FR.

Set List

Typical set list (60min):
1. Making it quick
2. Mother nature
3. Animals
4. You’re red
5. Winde
6. My grave
7. Huh huh
8. Lov kop
9. Faster
10. East of the sun
11. We’re going on
12. Little white open table