amel mathlouthi

amel mathlouthi


progressive neo arab music


Born in Tunis, Amel Mathlouthi is a singer songwriter…
She brings nowadays, an amazing brand new sound to the Tunisian music. Hearing her voice, we can evoke Joan Baez, Sister Marie Keyrouz, the Lebanese diva Fairouz… endowed with remarkable vocal capacities, her bewitched style, sometimes lyrical, with strong dominating folk, oriental and Trip Hop, ally tactfully, the music of the maghreb and the middle east melting it with a palette sometimes tzigane, sometimes flamenca, celtic, gnawa or ragga.
Self-taught, she chooses the guitar as fellow traveller and takes hold of all occasions to show her music. Amel Mathlouthi is rapidly remarked for her scenic performances and records an auto product first album. Made in December 2006, « afraid… » ; is a personal, engaged, enthusiast work, who treats, beyond celest and powerful melodies, delicately indented, the fears and hopes of a young Tunisian woman whom music is from the world.
Since that, she never stops working on developing a progressive and unexpected new style where a song is a story with lot of shifting enriched with thick poetry.
Success was « au rendez vous » and after great collaborations with CharlElie Couture, Jean Jacques Milteau and the famous French band of afro beat : Meï Teï Shô, and a selection in the first edition of the price RMC-doualiya in 2006, she’s becoming one of the main figures of the current Arab sounds..


Helma (nightmare)

Written By: Amel mathlouthi

i dream that one day people stop their stupid fear...

ethniya twila

Written By: amel mathlouthi

the road to freedom is long
but i have a candle that will help my people in their struggle


Helma (Paris, 2008)

Set List

El medhbela
ethniya twila
nemmen bik
jey mnin
emsen dhaif
ya dhalem
bin el wediane
fi kolli yawmen
kelmti horra