A Melodic Daydream

A Melodic Daydream


Edgy pop-rock that boasts emotional female vocals with charged up guitar-driven rock-n-roll. A Melodic Daydream shines with a mixture of stewed up classic rock-n-roll, electronic rock, and pop


"Primarily a duo consisting of singer Lnz Schilling and guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Chris Newton, the Denver-based A Melodic Daydream delivers an impressive record with its self-titled debut. Newton's guitar playing is lush and textured with an excellent sense of both melody and dynamics. Schilling's voice is powerful and commanding and blends well with Newton's playing. A couple of highlights are the "Baba O'Riley"-esque outro on "Psychopath Trash" and the big chorus on "Fiddling With Nero," which is the record's catchiest song. The band's sound might be too middle-of-the-road for a lot of indie kids, but a lot of young bands could use it for lessons in both songwriting and musicianship."
(Andy Smith-Pop Culture Press)


Sample Platter - 2005
Self-titled - 2006
"Tempted" single - 2006

Set List

Mostly original materia