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"Amen's Performances"

Shantipi & Breishit - major Israeli festivals
Amen USA tours (2002-2003) 20 venues each: Universities, Synagogues, Churches, Sufi, Buddhist, Jewish Community Centers, Alternative Cultural & Retreat Centers. - Amen


Merkevah - 2002



Gabriel Meyer ( & Amir Paiss ( met in 1994 in Orisa, India, while traveling extensively around the world, studying music, healing and the art of Prayer & Intention from different cultures.
Later on in the village of Amirim in the Galilee mountains
Of Northern Israel, they created their “Amen Band”, starting with the unique project of Merkavah.

Merkavah is our call for renewal & resacralization, drawing from the wellspring of Israel.
It is an invocation for the healing of the generations, of our families, and of ourselves through the transmission of Torah.

Merkavah is a musical ritual. A Hebrew psychedelic opera, that is portraying soundscapes, timescapes and scenes from the Human soul’s voyage from a distant past to a near future. We interweaved new and ancient instruments, root letters and words which are pronounced in the Here & Now in order to create a Listening tour folded within the magic box of the One Present.

Merkavah is the first time that the vision of Ezekiel is composed to contemporary music, along side with the Ten sayings of creation, the Ten commandments and the Hebrew Mantra: “Love thy Kin as Thyself”.

Once upon a time, art, healing and the love of mystery danced together to the rhythm of holiness. Today in Israel, hints of awakening of modern Levites emerge, as living collective memory of our ancient temple culture. We are witnessing, not the fragmentation of musicians and audience, but the rebirth of holy community through contemporary devotional music in its original Hebrew language. We are the Torah yearning for its letters to speak through us. We are the Torah embodying creation, revelation & redemption. Each of us carries sparks of primordial light, sparks of the revelation at Sinai and of ‘becoming’ of prophecy. The alienation of body and land from our Israeli spirit speaks of a people who is being called to remember its story and radiate its brilliance as a gift to all the children of Noah. Free to sing the sacred and prophetic songs, soaring in our hearts.