amen break

amen break


With a target demographic of the Didsbury Wine Bar attending, William Burroughs reading, affluent pseudo intellectual, Amen Break fuse a common pop whores melodic sensibility with often failed attempts at rhythmic complexity.


Three disparate souls were drawn together by the forces of not wanting to do honest work and Gumtree want ads.
Amen Break fuse music from all genres from the hummable melody of a pop number to the balls to the wall drive of metal. Their goal, to make music like no one else, music that could find home with the elitist musical snobs of the world, yet not dissuade the plebs from purchasing and thus achieving the commercial success needed to sustain their need for exquisite sound making apparatus.

Set List

Our set is a 30 minute, 8 song long compilation of original material. This can be extended with up to a further 4 numbers and to 45 minutes.