Ameretta is a group of High School kids who have an admirable devotion to the music they play, songs with melody, power, meaning, and feeling; music thats epic and that just rocks. Anyone young or old can find an ameretta song with an appealing aspect.


Ameretta is a band feuled by musicianship. Five guys make the band, all sharing an undying passion for music and expression. Life itself is what inspires the bands push to progress. In a music scene where artists are caught up in writing peices that please the music hungry youth, Ameretta is focused more on creating songs that they're happy with. All the members of the band have had their previous experiences, since the band formed in late January of 2007, with other projects but have come together and found a place they call home. Along their journey the band has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such artists as Emery, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Shiny Toy Guns, Dear Whoever, From Aphony, On the Last Day, and many more. Together Ameretta will continue to do what they love and share what they feel music is all about: passion and meaning.


A Complex Ambience

Written By: Colby Cochran

It all starts once again, a point blank shot how could you miss
You've been here once before, why should this time you change

This new drug fills your veins
Swear it's better than the last
As time goes by our minds wear thin
Yet we play this game again

And light from dreams has filled your mind
These thoughts bare chains upon you
Abstain(From this you're)
Abstain(Just once more)

Reflections hold
Another shot, Another shot
The one that kills


Ameretta is very short into their musical career but already have a full blown EP out called "When Innocence is Sin" and a newly released demo "Fate Overcomes". You can check out the music at

Set List

Ameretta's set usually consists of anywhere from 5-8 songs depending on the allowed time and arrange it so the songs are arranged in a way that your mood changes through out the set. On occasion you might catch a cover from Thrice or other similar sounding bands but Ameretta mostly plays their own material.