America Is Waiting

America Is Waiting



America is Waiting was formed in Austin, Texas in the summer of 2001. Since its conception, the band has become famous for its "intense and always explosive live shows" (Austin Chronicle). Their sound has been described as a unique fusion of passion and raw energy more contagious than an airborne virus. The band creatively blends powerful songwriting with complex instrumentation, often mixing melody with chaos, producing the most groundbreaking sound since The Power Station's self-titled debut.

They are not simply musical magicians; they are contemporar wizards of the post-post-post-punk movement. The members consist of Michael Riginio/vocals&guitar, Alex Laje/guitar, Jimmy Rabbitt/bass, and Garbiel Wiley/drums.

After months of careless considerand and a large tour with ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, the band has high hopes of completely selling out. They currently wish to become unabashed capitalists, more specifically affluent music-puppet robot-whores. They have no problem selling their souls, their blood, autographed pictures, or playing to pre-recorded material while dancing a choreographed routine.

America is Waiting encompasses a wide variety of bands. Their major influences include: Fugazi, The Jesus Lizard, The Ex, Shellac, Nirvana, Drive Like Jehu, Girls Against Boys, and Sonic Youth. The band is noticeably distinguished by heavy rhythms, powerful vocals, and manic guitars, which can be heard on their recently released debut EP, In the Lines, recorded in Dallas by Jogn Congleton of The Paper Chase. The reording is a fresh, emotionally charged, and powerful seven track EP. It is currently in high demand and already on its millionth pressing, only sixth months after its release date. The bands web site receives 100,000 hits per day all within an eight to fourteen year old demographic. Even with all of this success, the band somehow managed to stay grounded and still know what is important - selling units.

America is Waiting has shared the stage with many great bands including: ...Trail of Dead, The Faint, Q And Not U, Guided By Voices, The Ex, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Cursie, The Icarus Line, Erase Errata, Melt Banana, and The Paper Chase.

For those who care, America is Waiting is a reaction to that which has become over-saturated with compromise and insincerity. A reaction to those who reproduce crops of commercialized pawns. It is time to tear away worn callused skin and give birth to the raw pink of creativity and artistic expression. Popular culture thrives on what it's fed, so let's fill the gluttons until their bellies burst!


In the Lines EP