Phoenix, Arizona, USA

AmeriCamera is the brainchild of T.R Hummer ( who published and edited noted poetry collections) and Billy Cioffi (who performed with Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, the Shirelles, the Turtles). It is an American conversation through its developing tradition. The album adds a new dimension to Americana, a seamless blend of poetry and music that is almost as visual as musical.


a poet and a musician…

Billy Cioffi, 35-year veteran of the magnificent Los Angeles music scene, was born in Albany, NY. Starting his career at 16, he moved to Los Angeles to record and tour with the greatest rock legends: Gene Vincent, Chuck Berry, Ben E King... Known for his songwriting and his band the Monte Carlos, many artists would often demand him to get the sound that only he could deliver. Along the way, Cioffi never stopped composing, recording solo albums, « Dangerous Type » (a Billboard Pick), « The Monte Carlos and American Episodes », both making semifinals in 4 Grammy categories.

T.R. Hummer, 35-year veteran of academic politics, who had published 12 books of poetry, was born in Macon, Mississippi. He spent a lot of time playing the saxophone in various rock & roll bands but he made his career as essayist, poet and teacher in prestigious Universities (Jackson, Oklahoma, California, Oregon, Virginia, Georgia, Kenyon College). Now teaching at the Arizona State University, he also plays long tones at the desert moon.

In early 2009, by chance, Cioffi and Hummer met and started talking about poetry and music. As a hard-working guitarist and music director, Billy had never shun his interest in Litterature; while Hummer the productive writer, had never stopped being a musician. That conversation is furthered within its resonant echo of AmeriCamera.

Be it in its words, in its sounds, or within the pictures the songs depict, AmeriCamera rocks! Featuring an all-star lineup of guest musicians from the band Billy Cioffi and the Monte Carlos, and a licked production at the studio Electric Lotus Music based in Phoenix.


AmeriCamera - High Minded
Electric Lotus Label - 2011

Singles radio airplayed
Right turn (on the wrong way street)
Mississipi more or less

AmeriCamera on the Songwriters Showcase broadcast October 1st 2011 on Eight/KAET, Arizona PBS.

Set List

Depending on the stage
Acoustic show with guitar/reeds/percussions/bass
Full band show with guitar/reeds/drums/bass/keyboards/background vocals