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American Bloomers

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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"Great review from Music Connection Magazine"

“The honey-gold tones of these recordings, the welcoming West Coast breeze of the female voices led by Jaime Wyatt will remind many of Fleetwood Mac, but with a more pronounced country-pop undertone. ” - Music Connection Magazine

"HMMA "Best Female Vocal" nominee"

“Official Nomination – Hollywood Music In Media Awards 2012? - Hollywood Music and Media

"American Bloomers"

American Bloomers are a California rock band formed in Los Angeles, featuring guitarist/vocalist Jaime Wyatt, guitarist/vocalist Jonathan Sheldon and bassist/vocalist Jane Sheldon.

The pop/harmonic/melodic rock sound of American Bloomers is described most often as "California Pop" or the "New California Sound".

The group is totally "L.A.", with a musical fragrance of Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, The Eagles and The Mamas & The Papas, though American Bloomers have a highly original appeal for 21st century music fans.

I was alerted to American Bloomers by recording industry insiders who informed me that the group strongly resonates with an uncommonly large audience demographic --- ages 14 to 54.

That, in itself, made the Los Angeles trio of singer/songwriters worth checking out.

Incognito, I attended a couple of the group's Southern California concert dates. I was just about knocked to the floor by the tight instrumentation, the unbelievable harmonies and the unforgettable songwriting offered by the band.

How could three musicians, so young and beautiful, precisely portray the struggles of Middle Age, the angst of Teenage, the emotions of Womanhood and the frustrations of Manhood --- all in one song?

All three members of American Bloomers must surely be "old souls" in young bodies.

During the band's performances, I laughed, I cried, I reflected, and I was empowered by their music. The entire emotional spectrum was covered and nothing was left out.

After such a deep connection, I became obsessed with getting to know the members of American Bloomers.

Already familiar with Californiality as readers, the band liked my style and welcomed me into their inner sanctum --- the recording studio.

Jaime Wyatt, Jonathan Sheldon and Jane Sheldon were busy recording the group's upcoming album and had just wrapped-up their lead single, "Never Had The Chance", a song that is well-crafted for success on both the Pop and Adult Contemporary music charts.

Watching the Bloomers' music producer Alan Marino record the band in his studio "House of Hon" was a real treat, so I didn't want to interrupt the band's creative flow. I blended with the acoustic walls and kept my questions to a minimum. Here are some highlights:

Jonathan Sheldon is a songwriter, musician and vocalist whose first love is music, although his alter ego is an accomplished motion picture and documentary producer.

I was already familiar with Sheldon's company, Stand Media, and his work as a film producer on the Polish Brothers', The Smell of Success (Billy Bob Thornton and Téa Leoni) and Stay Cool (Winona Ryder and Hilary Duff).

Sheldon's latest film production is an infertility-themed documentary, My Future Baby.

It was obvious to me that Jonathan Sheldon is the member of American Bloomers whose brain is constantly on, thinking up new strategies (like a computer) on behalf of his creative projects.

"As far as American Bloomers as a group, our goal is to accurately reflect the feelings, harmonies and diversities that define what California is. We are from California, not somewhere else. We've been through it all here, and we share our blended perspectives together through our music," said Sheldon.

Jaime Wyatt is a songwriter, a guitarist, and the lead singer of American Bloomers.

A pop recording professional, Wyatt had already been with another record label when she met Jonathan and Jane Sheldon.

In contrast to Jonathan Sheldon's creative genius as a prolific film producer and songwriter, and to Jane Sheldon's strict musical training at the renowned Berklee College of Music, Jaime Wyatt was raised in a rock music family associated with legendary musicians like the Grateful Dead's Bob Weir.

"You might say that I was raised by hippies on rock and roll. I wrote my first song at four years old and, from that point, I never looked back. California's music industry is in my blood, man. Music is my life. It's all about the art and the expression of it," declared Wyatt.

The dark-haired Celtic beauty is every bit the Rock Star, but without the pomposity. I really dig Jaime Wyatt, and I think she's a very hip role model for young, aspiring 'rock chicks'.

Jane Sheldon is an alumnus of the Berklee College of Music, an accomplished songwriter, singer, keyboardist and bassist for American Bloomers.

Talking with blonde bombshell Jane Sheldon was like hanging out with one of the legendary Go Go's or the Bangles --- but with a college degree in Music. She's very "SoCal", sharp as a tack, and extremely cool.

Jane is Jonathan Sheldon's sister, so the siblings are kind of like another famous Los Angeles harmonic brother and sister act, the Carpenters, but more able to produce their great harmonies "live" with Jaime Wyatt's third voice.

"Jonathan and I have been singing and writing songs together forever but, once we heard Jaime Wyatt sing, we both knew that we were destined to be a trio. We are amazed at how seamlessly our three voices blend, and audiences really love our reinvention of the harmonic California Sound," said Sheldon.

Enjoy the videos to their new album's first two singles, "Shamrock" and "Never Had The Chance" (below). American Bloomers is one of 2011's best bands.

I have a feeling that someone like David Geffen is going to snatch up American Bloomers and make millions of dollars off of another California music industry success. In fact, I'm hearing buzz that it might be about to happen this Summer.

I was happy to hang out in the studio with Jamie Wyatt, Jane Sheldon and Jonathan Sheldon of American Bloomers before their inevitable world tours and Grammys. Great musicians, great individuals and great Californians, indeed.
- Californiality

"American Bloomers at The Hotel Cafe"

...It was like their sound went from bar room brawl to show room shine, from stereo to surround sound, from a log cabin to a house on the hills. The main players are the same names, some of the songs are the same, but there has been dramatic growth and an obvious evolution to their sound. If you are unfamiliar with American Bloomers, past or present, their music is a vibrant California wildflower blend of rock without the thrash, country without the twang, with singer/songwriter soloists lifted to the power of three.

Jaime Wyatt is still the front woman on guitar with her rough diamond vocals that now has an added polished sparkle. She not only strikes the emotions of tough struggles, but now a feeling of breaking through, reflects in her voice. The sandy grit of her voice is still evident, but with an added uplifting roundness of radiant hope. Like the sounds of a struggling artist with a

history of bad times finally turned good, but still not truly able to release or escape her emotions from the past. A duality and depth as though she is sunshine still casting dark shadows.

Her spiced up guitar solos has turned into a burning hotness in itself. When it is her guitar’s time to shine, it flared up like gasoline thrown on an acoustic singer/songwriter steady candle flame. It is as if it suddenly screams, “Hell no! I’m not going to follow in steps with these acoustic guitars no longer! Set me free!” Wyatt lets it go, leaning and kneeling into it as though the instrument was attempting to pull her into the aching screams of the steel strings. Then she’d pull herself back up to the microphone, before the guitar solo could take over the song. She allows the instrument just enough spotlight time not to let it get an ego that would try to overwhelm the song. Guitar solos that explode with striking beauty that soon dissipates, keeping the solo in control and not letting it turn the song into a structure fire.

Jane Sheldon has a crisp choir vocal along with her acoustic guitar strumming and piano playing. She sounds of golden vibrancy. Wyatt delivers the dirt and gravel, tough road of trials voice, while Sheldon delivers the high hopes, butterflies fluttering between the blooming flowers and blue skies. It is an uplifting voice. She deli

vers with a country vibe without the twang and heartache. There is an angelic, sunny side of California feel that she delivers and radiates.

Jonathan Sheldon delivers the sturdiness to the trio. He jams on the acoustic guitar as if he was Elvis rocking the stage, swinging and swaying it as though he was dancing and romancing the instrument with his hands and arms. His vocals deliver like a gunslinger, a quick draw of emotion and energy. It has a continuous bursting charm, much like his movement on guitar. There is no calm steadiness for a stool solo for him. There is a carefree energy about him, like he is rocking out beyond the others, in his own zone, like those people wearing headphones, dancing in their own, oblivious to the world. He has the voice of up-tempo pop.

The trio each adds a unique flavor to the band, like a good cup of coffee. Wyatt fills the dark coffee with an edge of bitter taste that is contrasted with the sugar sweet vocals of Jane Sheldon, along with the half-and-half smooth blend of John Sheldon to make the taste complete. American Bloomers is an aroma blend of lounge sounds with a highly caffeinated jolt. That would be the city view of their sound if one were not able to get out into the country to see that open field of California wildflowers in bloom bursting like fireworks over lush green.
- Picksysticks


Still working on that hot first release.



American Bloomers is the union of three Los Angeles
singer/songwriters who own their craft, creating a new
sound that’s steeped in classic rock. American Bloomers harvest
a style of authentic pop music that’s all their own, written
and performed by real musicians, who know how to write and

The Bloomers are finishing their debut record, tracked to
two-inch tape, keeping live takes, first takes, and adding
thoughtful overdubs. Their songs are the echo of love,
heartbreak, and heartwake, and the vocals swerve from
intimate to soaring, punctuated by three-part harmonies.
The founders of American Bloomers are Jaime Wyatt, Jane
Sheldon, and Jonathan Sheldon.